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  1. It's hard to say really...when I bought my original system over a year ago using the old i7 I spent nearly $1400, however, now you can get a good i5 2500k system for about $850. Looking at your specs, you would notice a significant performance increase with an i5 2500k system over your current one. I run TrackIR, AS2012, and vroute while I fly on maxed out settings with UTX and GEX installed and have smooth frames all the time, even with the NGX in an FSDT scenery. PM me if you want some guidance on a new system. I would be more than happy to plan out hardware for you and build it up if you would like.
  2. I agree with the other posters; the i5 2500k is very well suited for FSX. I highly recommend ordering any computer parts from Micro Center or picking them up from a local Micro Center store. Their prices beat any other site like New Egg and Tiger Direct. I recently upgraded my motherboard, processor, and RAM, and I paid $100 for a top Gigabyte motherboard, $180 for an i5 2500k, and $40 for 8GB of Ballistix RAM at Micro Center. I noticed a huge improvement over my old i7-950 processor, which was cooled with an H50 cooler (discontinued now) and overclocked to only 3.84ghz. Using that same cooler, I was able to overclock my new i5 2500k to 4.5ghz with no trouble. The i5 2500k is a very good processor for FSX, especially at only $180.
  3. Very pleased to see Alaska on the 800WL and 900WL and UAL and COA on the 900WL! I'll go ahead and add a vote for Continental on the 800WL as well. THat way I have two to choose from for my UAL flights
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