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  1. Hi, after I've installed Windows 10 completely new and a fresh install of P3D v4 I got today the following crash 2x during flight to LOWW from OMDB in the PMDG 777-200LR and on the way back 2x. I will try to do another route but in fact that I only installed PILOTS Global Ultimate and ORBX products (Base and Europe) and FlyTampa OMDB/LOWW - its quiet unusual that its scenery caused. Programm Prepar3D.exe, Version kann nicht mehr unter Windows ausgeführt werden und wurde beendet. Überprüfen Sie den Problemverlauf in der Systemsteuerung "Sicherheit und Wartung", um nach weiteren Informationen zum Problem zu suchen. Prozess-ID: 27b4 Startzeit: 01d2e39234de41ea Beendigungszeit: 18 Anwendungspfad: P:\Program Files\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.exe Berichts-ID: a824a0d6-2f62-4f1f-84a9-c06de9e8c94f Vollständiger Name des fehlerhaften Pakets: Auf das fehlerhafte Paket bezogene Anwendungs-ID: Sorry - its in german but maybe someone can help me with it. Thanks
  2. Good evening everybody! I was enroute from KIAD to EDDF for the VATSIM Frankfurt Overload event last evening and it was amazing to see how does the 777 works within all this traffic around! And of course it was recommanded to enter all the data I need for the approach for frankfurt and it looks amazing on the ND! Just take a look - Transition for the 07L approach, FFM VOR with all the needed inbound courses (one for intercept for missed approach) - Offpath-Descent - VOR radio active - of course all the other approaching airplanes I love all the functions in the 777 and I love PMDG! Thank for you the amazing airplane and thank you for all whats comming
  3. Hi guys, in case of the upcomming Cross the Pond Event on the 12th October 2013 Eastbound to the European Airspace we all 777-pilots need a fix/update. Is it possible to expect the update before these event or not? Especially for transition-waypoints at Frankfurt/Munich like DM422 oder DM424. It is unable to put it into the FMC but they are standard operations for high-traffic situations at Frankfurt or Munich. Hope I can expect and answer of you Thx a lot!
  4. Got my A6-EWB from KSFO to OMDB and now she is already departed out from Dubai to Melbourne. Normally there is a A388 in use but there is a little problem on its engines so the T7 must be do this flight. 13:45hrs flight to go!
  5. On the way back to Dubai from San Francisco. Still 7:37hrs on air and still 8hrs to go!
  6. TimmR

    NAT-Waypoint format?

    When I insert this whole route into PFPX (KSFO-OMDB) it will delete all coordinations. 5900N 10000W is easy: 5910N but what about 6330N 9000W ??? SHOR5 SAC J32 BAM BOI YQL J540 YVC 5900N 10000W 6330N 9000W 6530N 8000W 6700N 7000W CANEL 6800N 6000W 6800N 5000W 6700N 4000W 6600N 3000W 6500N 2000W 6400N 1000W VALDI L621 ZOL L621 ROE N983 ELPOL N195 XIMBA M860 ROLKA M860 INROG M860 KIV M860 KUGOS UW704 CRM UM688 ERN UM688 NINVA UM688 SIDAD UP975 SESRA M677 RABAP UM677 DEGSO L308 DESDI
  7. How can I insert this coordinations into PFPX as an waypoint? 6330N 9000W
  8. Looks amazing! But, is it able to create first the D-ALFA because the ALFA will be the first one at Lufthansa Cargo. See here: http://lh-taufnamen.de/cargo/ Many thx!
  9. Hi guys, when I was climbed to CRZ Level (in VNAV) the speed goes down until minimum speed (then the 777 pitches nose down to get more speed). The N1: CLB: 99.3 CRZ: 84.3 What is the reason of this? Why can I fit it? I do not like to fly the whole flight with SPD, LNAV and ALT.. Thx a lot! Edit: I don´t use Active Sky. I use the freeware FSRealWX v1.06
  10. Its stupid. I just want to learn this aircraft during this week and will start my delivery-flight to Germany on Friday
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