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New FSX Build - Opinions appreciated and Welcomed!

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Hey Everyone,

This is my second time buying a Flight Sim rig from CyberPower (first time I was Naive and knew nothing about computers) and I definitely need some input on which direction to go in (in terms of components).

I want to get the most bang for my buck. smiley2.gif

I am looking to spend around $1200 USD, at the highest $1300. Building it off of newegg is not an option because the financing department (parental units are much more attracted to the CyberPower 3 Year warranty)

I have been looking at the AMD FX 8350 as my base component. Everything else is totally up in the air. I am most likely purchasing this computer within the next two weeks, definitely doing same day shipping only because I will be on spring break from college from the 1st to the 10th of March and I need the computer by the time I go back in order to transport it with me.


Right now the Video Card is something I do not care about because I already have a good one (EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti, 2GB and Superclocked... don't really know what it means "performance wise"... works well though). I also know I am not purchasing a monitor.

I also want to have the option to upgrading this build later in the future when new hardware comes out.


BIG NOTE: I am very open to either AMD or Intel, I am not putting myself on either side totally. If I go with AMD, I definitely know the FX 8350 is what I plan to choose. If I go with Intel I have no idea what is best for FSX. I know FSX is unique because its performance is affected more by the CPU then anything else so with that said let this begin! If you think you can give me the right advice then feel more than welcome to add a reply to this post. I will be reading everyone's replies before I come down to a final configuration!


P.S. if you are wondering where to find which site I will be using www.cyberpowerpc.com


With that said Happy PC Gaming!, and may the odds ever be in your favor! (Hunger Games Reference LOL)

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Well your title says "New FSX Build" so I guess I'd be cautious about using AMD components. I understand that the FX8350 is a good chip but AMD have generally been weaker in single core applications which essentially is what FSX is, so until you can find some benchmarks proving otherwise you may want to go the intel route.


The company you mention don't appear to state anything about overclocking, do you know if they will supply you with pre-overclocked systems, or will your overclocking a system invalidate the warrenty? To get your best bank for buck overclocking is something you will want to consider but maybe not if you negate the thing your parents are most keen on.


They also don't appear to have any options for Solid State Drives, which is something I would be definately be wanting.


You mention wanting to upgrade the system when new components come out, this will more than likely invalidate your warrenty.


Just some things to think about.


/Edit - Again I would question whether their warrenty would cover you if you swapped out or didn't have a graphics card installed.

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