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FSX periodic freezes (imaginesim wsss?)

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Hi guys. I am getting the freeze where the fsx sim freezes for 0.5 to 1 sec every around 3 secs. This happened with Aerosoft Airbus X Extended. I feared it was the bus so I have unistalled everything and reinstalled everything again and followed all the procedures but it's still happening. Tried editing all ini file to make logging=0, html_interface=0 and also both navdata pro =0 and 1 but no luck at all whereas it was solved for many people according to the aerosoft forum. I then tried at some other few airports and apparently everything works fine. So i am thinking imaginesim wsss maybe the problem? Has anyone encounter this issue at all or does anyone have any idea where i can get help for imaginesim products? Or could it actually be the airbus problem since many people mentioned the exact same thing on the airbus forum. I am getting hopeless.


I hope you can help me with this please. I have tried to start over 10 flights already and all ended with a freeze. Please help.




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