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10.20r2 is Released

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Release Notes


X-Plane 10.20 Release Candidate 2

The Kingair and Baron have both been updated again.

Bug fixes:

  • Airports with invalid runway configurations no longer crash ATC - instead the error is logged so authors can fi the airport data.
  • Lua memory management interface changed for Windows and Linux - if you develop a Lua-based plugin be sure to read this:http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xpsdk/mediawiki/LuaJIT.
  • Fixed crash on GP60 RC plane - airplanes with very, very, very small wings were crashing.
  • Automatic crash reporting improved; in a few cases where X-Plane would have said "please report this to Laminar" it now bring up the automatic crash reporter so we can more easily collect the data. This only happens for cases where something has gone horribly wrong in the sim (typically due to an X-Plane bug, driver bug, running out of memory, or an invalid third party add-on).

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