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AI MAIW Traffic Turning Black - Odd Problem

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Hello everyone,


I recently moved from FS9 to FSX with a hot new computer (AMD 3.6 Mhz) and video card (1 gig) and discovered an odd problem. Some of my MAIW aircraft turn black when I approach them. I'm using various aircraft, but the biggest problem seems to be with Tom's HTAI F-16. If there are four or five sitting together, one or two will be ok but the rest will be black. When I taxi past them and look back or go to outside view, the ones that were in full color are black too.


One thing I discovered, if I use the same texture for all of the same squadron aircraft, I don't have this problem. Only when I try to give each aircraft it's designated texture do I have the problem. I don't mind all of the AI aircraft to have the same paint scheme if I have to, but it takes away from the realism.


Any ideas?




Alabama - USA

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