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  1. Greetings Devon, Running as Administrator did the trick. Thank you so much and Happy New Year to you. Cheers, Reggie
  2. Can someone tell me how to install Radar Contact into P3Dv4.4? I installed it to FSX per the installation procedure, but when I try to use it, I get a "Runtime 75" error. The messages appear in P3D, but I cannot select Clearance Delivery or ATIS. I'm using Rex Skyforce 3D and ActiveSky P3D as well. Any assistance appreciated.
  3. How do I install in P3Dv4.4 please? There is no listing for P3D in the install procedure. Thank you, Reggie
  4. I'm having trouble with FreeMesh - USA in P3Dv4. Some of my airports have elevation issues. I'm using ORBX FTX Global, Vector, and OpenLC-North America, along with Active Sky. I know it's a FreeMesh issue because when I disable it, everything goes back to normal. I ran the Global Configurator, but it didn't help either. I tried to post a screenshot of my Add-On Scenery file, but it wouldn't paste. I've currently got it just below Bathymetry. Any advice appreciated, Reggie
  5. I just installed P3Dv4 and am moving my stock FSX aircraft over. I'm trying to keep the P3D install as clean as possible. Over the years, I've installed numerous flyable and AI aircraft in FSX, thus my Effects file is full of trash. I really hate moving the whole file over to P3D I'm to figure out a way to harvest just the stock FSX effects and moving them over to the P3D Effects folder. Any ideas? Thanks, Reggie
  6. I recently downloaded the Abacus payware L-19 Bird Dog. The cockpit glass is clear, but has a slight haze to it that just doesn't look right. Is there any way to clear it up using DXTBitmap? Windex wouldn't work. 😎 Any assistance appreciated. Reggie
  7. All fixed now. Saitek came through with a file that completely removes it from the registry. Then recalibrated following their instructions.
  8. I got the new Saitek X-56 HOTAS for Christmas and am having the same problem others are having regarding the throttle that jumps from 1% to 50% when you slightly touch it. I've read all of the various "fixes" on other flightsim websites, including moving the sliders up, changing the config file, etc., but they do not work. Was wondering if anyone here has found a fix? Saitek support is no help. Thanks, Reggie
  9. Can someone paint the three new Glo Airlines Saab 340's? Glo is a brand new airline operating out of KMSY - New Orleans. I don't think anyone has tackled them yet. Thanks, Reggie Alabama-USA
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