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Real A320 Questions....

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Hey Guys, Here is some questions for cheating!Communications What does the SEL light indicate?How do you tune an ILS Course on the RMP?Can the cockpit conference call with both Flight Attendant Interphones?What happens when a Flight Attendant makes an emergency call to the cockpit?Electrical What is the priority for electrical power?How are the IDG's cooled?Where does the AC ESS Bus get its power from?Why does the ELEC EMER CONFIG checklist allow us to start the APU on the A319, but not on the A320?Emergency Equipment How long does the passenger oxygen last?What checklists are on the QRC?What is the normal full crew oxygen indication? When will it turn amber?Does moving the MAN V/S switch to DN open or close the outflow valve?Engines What is the maximum engine rotation for starter reengagment? (IAE-V2500)What is the minimum duct pressure whilst the starter is rotating?If a cargo door is opened after the first engine start (to load last minute bags, for example) what must you do and why?Do you have engine limit protections in N1 mode?Fire Protection When the ENG FIRE pushbutton is released, which fuel valve close, the low pressure or the high pressure?What will cause an Engine or APU FIRE indication?If the aircraft is unpowered, how many lights would illuminate for an APU Fire Test?Will the APU fire test shut down the APU if it is running?Flight Control Laws What is the function of the ELAC's?What are the three functions of the FAC's?When is automatic pitch trim inhibited?What is the low energy warning and when is it inhibited?Flight Control Surfaces What is 'alpha lock'?What will cause the WTB to engage?Will the Ground Spoilers ever partially extend automatically?What is the function of LAF on the A320? How does it work?Fuel With all pumps running, fuel will be used out of the centre Tanks first. How is this done?When do the Centre Tank fuel pumps operate with the switches in AUTO?What is the minimum fuel for dispatch?What is the maximum fuel imbalance?Hydrualics What does a FAULT on the PTU indicate?When is the PTU Inhibited?What important equipment is irretrievably lost with a Yellow Hydrualic system failure?What important equipment is irretrievably lost with a Blue Hydrualic system failure?Ice and Rain What does the WING FAULT light indicate?Which flaps and/or slats are anti-iced in-flight?In the Boeing aircraft, we get three sections of performance: Bleeds ON, Bleed OFF, and Engine Anti-Ice ON. On the Airbus, however, we do not get the engine Anti-Ice section. Why?What do you need to do during approach if you suspect that ice build-up has occurred?Miscellaneous What does the APU MASTER SW ON do?Why does the Captain press RCL on the ECAM Control Panel for 5 Seconds during his preflight?During the take-off rol, you hear a single 'Ding' warning. What is the problem and what should you do?How fast can you fly around with the cockpit window open? (Thought you would liek that one)I'll leave Navigation, Advanced Navigation, PFD, FMAS, and Pneumatics for now. See how you get on with these!No real pilots answer please!

-----------------------[bR]Matthew Murray[bR]Jet-Precision[bR]

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