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Is the GPU broken?

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OK guys, here`s the deal.

Recently I have experienced some issues with my FSX. It all started when the computer booted into 640x480 resolution several times. I reinstalled my GPU drivers every time, no help. Then I pulled out the GPU from the slot, cleaned the inside of the computer and the gpu and put it back. It worked for some time.

Then I experienced different problem, which I described even here on Avsim forums (http://forum.avsim.net/topic/401724-fsx-hibernates-computer-please-help-to-find-a-solution/). Again, no help.

And this weekend I turned on the computer after several weeks to give it a shot and fly again. I fired up the FSX and voila - no antialiasing on welcome screen. Ok, I started nvidia inspector, reset all values, clicked Apply and... no change. I rebooted the computer, did nvidia Inspector tweeks again and... no change again.


Is the computer telling me my GPU is dying or what? Any way to test it? Thanks for help. I probably won`t have free money for the new GPU as we are in the middle of the process of buying a new house and on Friday my dear wife told me we might be expecting... So best answer I can get is - Don`t worry, pal, just click here and click there at it will fix your problem... But be honest - just tell me what you think...:D

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