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Editing Control Throws

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Can someone tell me where the file is that sets the throws for the control surfaces?  I think I need to edit the rudder throws since I replaced my joystick.


I have tried endless combinations of null zone and sensitivity for rudder, but nothing has solved my problem.


First, the system:


Windows 7 Home Premium

Service Pack 1


Intel Core i7-w600K @ 3.40GHZ


64 bit system


Controller:  Thrustmaster xstick Flightstick (new)


I can move the Z axis (twist the stick) as slowly as possible, but once it clears the null zone the rudder and the nosewheel (or steerable tailwheel) slams all the way over to the stops.  It does that in either direction. 


I have tried two new Flightsticks and they both exhibit this behavior.


Since the regualr adjustments apparently won't solve the problem, I"m hoping eiditing the software throws data will.


Or, does anyone have a fix for this issue?






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