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Livery Manager Can't Find FSX Root Folder.

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It's nothing PMDG have done. It's me. I have to uninstall and reinstall the PMDG 737 NGX yet again, as the livery manager can't find the FSX root file even when I navigate it to it. When I point it at a livery file it tells me it's not installed. I'm so hoping if I have to do the above, I will not have to, again, cast myself prostrate before PMDG Admin to get yet another key reactivation. We know one another by first names.


I'm thinking there may be a conflict in the way I have my new system configured. My C: Drive is a 512 gb SSD. I have partioned a 500gb drive into 2 x 250gb. FSX is installed on the first partition and P3D on the second. I cant see why there would be a conflict but I fear, inexpert use of the Estonian Migration Tool may have also have contributed. I have no animosity toward said tool. Once again, it's probably me.



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