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  1. I am a kindred spirit who has been flight simming since fs9. I have almost every flight sim available to me and in its last iteration, my computer had xp 11, fsx steam and p3d. All of which I have spent thousands of dollars on, over the years. In my new pc I will have multiple cores and a gtx 1080 with 8 gig of ram, assisting in the rendering. Has there been any indication from the Developers, whether the code will support multiple core processors and utilise them for enhanced performance?
  2. I am sight impaired and use the magnifier in windows 10 on a regular basis. I had enlarged the font size and boldness of the print to make it more discernible and I think this may be the cause of my aircraft to load but not initialise the 20 sec countdown. I have searched the ease of access centre in windows and switched off everything I think was causing conflict, to no avail. I have not uninstalled and re-installed the aircraft as yet but have repaired them with complete re-downloads of each aircraft with their expansions. Still the problem exists. Can anyone advise me as to how to fix this problem? My installed 747 v3 has not been affected and initialises. Jon Shearer
  3. I have watched a lot of Plane Spotting videos lately, in the hope I can improve my Flight Sim performance which is hit and miss, at best. I have observed that most Pilots delay landing the nose until quite late in the process of coming back to Earth. All the Pilots of the really ' big iron ', A380's, 787's, 777's, everything employ this technique. Why do Professional Pilots hold the nose aloft for so long? Jon
  4. Are we talking about the new Maddog MD 80 here? It completely broke my installation of P3D v4.1. Initially. Then I restarted after uninstalling the Maddog which cost me AU 108.00. After 3 restarts my installation came back. I have been really looking forward to this aircraft and I could hold my breath until I turn blue.
  5. My left eye is out to lunch. My right eye is about 70 percent. Before I expend my money, can anyone advise me if sight improves in a digital world?
  6. I've always been a fan of orbiting heat shields that protect the vehicle on re-entry (its like a glove around the craft) Once the craft enters the heat shield (docking in space) ie. the heat shield is a spacecraft, specifically designed to re-enter earth's atmosphere and cocoon a much lighter vehicle, less well equipped and re-usable with this new tech. Musk thinks outside the envelope. The heat shield just goes and lands where its told to. Welcome to the real Space Age.
  7. I'm no great fan of Tesla but Musk and his genius must be recognised for his achievements, alone. He is the right man for the right time. God show him the way.
  8. It is where I live. Fact is, I've never been anywhere else but its flat here.
  9. ...and it is certainly, that. My awe for this achievement is actually attempting it in the first place. THEN! achieving it. My interest will be in the percentage of unsuccessful/successful launches. On its own, this is an amazing breakthrough.
  10. Times were different back then, They were much better times than now. Jon Shearer
  11. Thanks for your reply. I have not had any crashes with 4.1. On my system it performs better than expected and I'm enjoying flying. I researched the problem and found it to be a common occurrence and nothing to be overly perturbed about. Switched off error checking in the sim and all is good. Jon Shearer
  12. When shutting down P3D v4.1 after using the 737 House aircraft, I'm informed that a content error log has been generated. [error.0] error=Failed to load visual effect "fx_PMDG_NGX_navwhih" [error.1] error=Failed to load visual effect "fx_PMDG_NGX_navwhih" [error.2] error=Failed to load visual effect "fx_PMDG_NGX_navwhih" The aircraft seems to perform as designed. Am I a Worry Wart or should I be concerned? Loading the aircraft with other liveries seems to expand the errors considerably. Jon Shearer
  13. ...and a Happy and prosperous New Year to you. FSX: A considerable amount of my life has been spent editing this and that with the program. CFG file tweaks etc. I can't honestly say I miss those days. Jon
  14. BTW, It's now 12.45 in Australia so Happy New Year, everyone! Let's make 2018 a winner. Jon
  15. Back-up. That's a novel thought. I remember there were two folders needed to be backed up or copied and archived. Wish I could remember which one's. Was it Scenery and World. Anyone know? Jon
  16. Quite right. Now to get into it. Everyone has been so helpful and I thank you for your re-assurance's. Still not looking forward to doing it, though.
  17. 100% with you there. ORBX are the Man. There are 1 or 2 LC's I have to get, yet but the one's I have are so visually pleasing and such high quality, I'd be crazy not to install them. ORBX Scenery is not a major concern, it is all the other stuff like ATC and Ground Services type programs that fwighten me.. You're never absolutely sure about compatibility. I procrastinate. Procrastination, coupled with past experiences. exacerbates procrastination. Jon
  18. So I shouldn't be so twiggered? Do I get a participation medal? Jon
  19. My system is an ageing but very capable 6 core platform combined with a gtx 1080. I can generally turn some impressive frames, so performance is not an issue, unless you're flying into ORBX YBBN in FSX. You have some add-ons I don't have but intend to purchase, Chase Plane to name one. Can you imagine the hours I will spend in the next few weeks, adding them to v4.1? Where's that therapy dog? Jon
  20. Yes, I could do that but have you ever broken a sim? I've been wading through MSFS since FS9. I hate to even think of the amount of hours I've spent porking around with performance problems in flight sims since then. At the moment P3D is a visually pleasing flight simulator but it's no ORBX, scenery wise. I spent quite a bit of money making FSX look more realistic. I guess the thing that is most daunting is wading through all of them to ascertain they're compatible with P3D v4.1. Thanks for your post. Jon
  21. I have a virginal installation of P3D v4.1 and I can't bring myself to add all of my sceneries and add-ons for fear of breaking a sensational sim. Does anyone else harbour that fear? I should mention I have installed 3 PMDG aircraft with equally great results. I have a shipload of sceneries, all the ORBX LC's and heaps more utilities and add-ons. I'm twiggered and I'm fwightened. I need a therapy dog. A safe space would be nice. Jon Shearer
  22. I had a problem when paying with paypal but the problem was I had not updated the cvv on my access card. Don't know if this applies. Jon Shearer
  23. Just thought I'd add: The paypal problem turned out to be an access card error. Nothing to do with PMDG. Jon Shearer
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