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No vectors to final on the MD-11 flights, how to add them?

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Hi guys,


I am still learning to fly this beauty, as it is my favourite.


I perfectly handled the last flights without the vectors to final, because I thought the FMC would, after entered the right STAR and the TRANSITION and RUNWAY, add the needed waypoints to

guide my heavy save and well to the localizer.




My last flight with the Md-11 was a horror unfortunately. I have the charts of KJFK airport of course. As I approached from the north from ASPEN and KBOS, flying the PARCH1 STAR, I got the runway 13L ILS assigned from the ATC due to winds from the east. So I entered RWY 13L.


So I came from the north northeast, then I suddenly realised that the FMC entered TELEX as the next wayoint after ROBER. But TELEX lies ON TOP of the glideslope. So as I armed the approach after setting everything into landing config, I suddenly realised that I was too close, too high and my MD-11 was of course almost stalling because I made a 60 degree turn on AP with approach Vref speeds.


I f.....d it up, I knew it! The first time actually!


My important (please help me) question is:


How do I automatically add the vectors to final, in order to have a good approach?? Honestly, I have no idea. The same is for the other aircraft not only the MD-11.

Often I entered the vectors manually. But surely there is the right way around that?


So more clearly formulated, how do I prevent my airplanes to fly directly onto the waypoint on the glideslope, but to let them follow the vectors to these last points and onto the glideslope, after capturing the LOC. Of course this is not happening right now!



Thanks in advance for your replies.



Best regards,





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