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new DME for Cessna 185! (alternative to bliksimpie's ADF/DME combined gauge)

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hey there my fellow simmers!! i love the CarenadoSkywagon, just i don't love that it doesn't have DME. So i came with a workaround with the default Bendix King Radio Stack gauge (2D).
This is an alternative to bliksimpie's DME and ADF combined gauge. Just came with this crazy idea and made it happen.

Check this example below: To simulate old-school bush flying, i removed the GPS and instead put this DME gauge as panel N°2.

*****BACKUP THE PANEL.CFG FIRST! just in case you don't like/goes wrong
Replace the [Window01] section of your panel.cfg with this one.
This will replace the GPS with the DME. if you want to replace another gauge, just copy it to another section (for example: replace [window08] and/or whatever; got it?)

if you want you can change the window's name, at the beggining of the panel.cfg it says [window Titles], change the corresponding window number with a new name (DME or whatever)

So okay! here goes my contribution to the "Cause"! and as usual...
Cheers and happy flying!

[Window01] //don't copy this line if you want to replace another gauge
size_mm=234,61 ///312,82!!

gauge00=Bendix_King_Radio!Bendix-King Radio DME,    0,0,234,61


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