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Dr Vesuvius

Let's Fly! Bonus: India Romeo Lima

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If you're an internet savvy flight-simmer, the video title gives a clue to what this video is about.



The sun was shining, I had the day free, so I went and spent the day at the Airport Hotel on Ringway Road, Manchester(UK) with its viewing garden overlooking the end of runway 23.


From a simming perspective I found it incredibly useful.  Just from watching I picked up a few pointers that I hope will improve my abysmal taxiing, and I noticed a couple of interesting procedures that will change the way I sim (for example, pretty much every plane I saw performed a rolling take-off rather than pausing once lined up.)


If you don't already, I highly recommend seeing if your local airport has a viewing site and spending a day plane watching.  If you're in North-West England, parking at the Airport Hotel is £5 for 4 hours, of which £4 is redeemable at the bar for food & drinks.  It works out a lot cheaper than the airport's official Aviation Park (£12 parking!) and since the prevailing weather means most take-offs are from 23, gives you a much better view of the planes.




Dr V

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