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Serious Monitor/Card advice needed - New Build with Proof

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Hi Everyone


Well, I sunk my hard earned dollars into a nice Haswell proc and Asus Pro 87 MB, and a H110 cooler. Waiting on the Corsair case, power supply and the drives to arrive. Now, I am at a cross roads, need some solid advice as to how best to approach the goal I have.


I am "space" limited - so what I intend on building is a simulator based on the 737 - I bought the TQS from ThrottleTek, and am about to pick up my FMC and MCP from Luchtvaart Hobby when I fly to AMS next month.


My concept is similar to the one I picture from LH Training - run everything off of touch screen monitors. For now, I want to run the overhead, and PFDs and ECIAS on monitors (the o/h on a touch-screen). I figure the MCP, FMC and throttles are the most often "touched" in the real cockpit, giving the best combination of realism for my small sim.


In addition to running the above, I want to use 3x monitors for an outside view. I can weld pretty well, and have designed a "rig" to mount the outside monitors and O/H and will use a simple stand for the PDF and so on.


So now my question: can I do this running 2x Nvidia graphics cards, or will I need a second networked PC? I have read before that some serious cockpit builders run several pcs networked together, with one doing nothing but projecting the outside view, etc. Is this realistic?


I have bought Prepare 3D, the NGX from Precisionmanuals.


Hope for some solid build advice.... thanks!


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