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  1. The Corendon City Hotel in AMS has one too - room 737!
  2. And it will most likely never see the light of day anyway. Another false start in my opinion. Wanted this to be real as it looks great, but some more investigation of the outfit behind it leads me to believe it’s all vapor and hollow promises/fantasy. It does not take 3 years to “engineer” and produce a a TQ I don’t care how sophisticated.
  3. If the entity or person receiving or sending funds via PayPal is in Iran, they are indeed blocking the transactions (or trying to in any event). In the case of JP Morgan Chase, several foreign air carriers (KE, SQ and others) were selling cargo shipments between Singapore or Korea, etc and Iran (i.e., wholly transacted outside the US). However since the air waybills were denominated in USD, that incorporated a nexus with US commerce (even though JP Morgan’s involvement was indirect through foreign clearinghouse(s)). The OFAC has fined them. Walmart got in trouble several years ago for a simple $25.00 online transaction - no kidding! The US is unlike any other nation I know of in its willingness to project its laws and regulations extraterritorially (ok maybe Saudi Arabia has gone a bit further of late). I live in Houston so glad we are not yet on any sanctions lists 😉 .........
  4. Due to the reimposition of Sanctions on Iran, it is generally forbidden for US entities (and persons) to directly transact business with Iranian entities (and persons). While your transaction (buying a scenery for P3D) may be considered acceptable for now, PayPal in this case would be acting as a clearing house and exchanging funds directly with an Iranian bank - and probably in USD creating a “nexus” with US commerce, most definitely prohibited activity. That your credit card worked is not surprising - PayPal’s compliance folks are known to be very conservative ..... there was just a case involving JP Morgan Chase for the exact type of activity I just described and they’re going to be on the hook for a hefty fine by the OFAC. I am an airline compliance guy in my day to day life, and the renewal of these sanctions is creating a real headache for us.
  5. I think that may be due to the fact ThrottleTek uses a switch, and not a pot, for the reverse thrust levers on the TQ2. I don't think it is so much a limitation of PMDG as it is the unit itself. I could be wrong. I set mine up through FSUIPC (registered version) and when I engage the reverse thrust by pulling the levers up, I get "full reverse" and as far as I can see in FSUIPC, moving the levers on the TQ2 unit to "full reverse position" does not register any inputs beyond the "switch on/off" (meaning, there is no range of reverse thrust to be applied - it's all or nothing). I'll double check it tonight when I get home and let you know.
  6. I own the 737 TQ 2, and it the product is quite good. It's not cheap .... and I was not impressed with the package it was shipped in (from South America) ... but I will say this: the unit is well built, and a great compromise if you cannot afford the +$2000.00 stand units, but want something more than a simple Saitek bolt over. With that said, there is a Russian guy who builds a set of throttle overlays for the Saitek unit, with working reverse thrust as well. I believe he has a Facebook page, and I am sure I have seen someone refer to it here on Avsim. Had I to do it over again, for the 190 or so bucks plus shipping, I would have gone with the Saitek overlay.
  7. Hi everyone I am putting up my Open Cockpits 737 EFIS/MCP/FMC V3 units for sale. All are brand new, they have been sitting in a box for 18 months and I do not have the time necessary to start a cockpit build. The pricing on the Open Cockpits site is 144.00 EUR ($176.00) for the EFIS; 420.00 EUR ($514.00) for the MCP and 437.00 EUR ($535.00) for the FMC. I am willing to part with all three for USD $750.00 flat plus the shipping. I am not savvy enough to post pictures, so anyone wishing to see the units, feel free to PM me. They are not installed, but I did test them (powered on). I also have a P&P ATC module 153.00 EUR ($187.00) and some non-P&P nav radios and other assorted kit. All new. If interested, let me know. Cheers all.
  8. Installed Fly Tampa EHAM into P3D v4.1 today, and while scenery appears to be working, I have magical flying busses and GSE “floating” by about 10 feet in the air. Any ideas on how to fix or what I might have done wrong? I followed the instructions from the Fly Tampa developers, no xml install or anything like that. Thanks for any pointers!
  9. Any news or updates as to progress on TQ? Was really looking forward to this unit as an alternative to buying double Saitek TQs for my Aerowinx set up. Unit looks really promising.
  10. Google UPS Flight 6; Asiana 991. Both 744Fs and both downed due to lithium batteries cooking off on the main deck. As poster above said: in RL an on board fire = death, if not managed properly (meaning land immediately and forget the idea of troubleshooting). FedEx 1406 is an example of the crew getting it right and walking away alive.
  11. FYI, Using the Lorby-SI tool, I have Aerosoft's Torp X working now in P3D V4. Installed the V3 Client only, installed the scenery to the V3 directory as normal. I am using ORBX Norway and Global. Only irregularity is a couple of static military aircraft appearing on a "sloping" apron at the outer edge of the scenery.
  12. I go back to the post earlier @bluestar made: the PF found himself unexpectedly in a situation where the a/c was out of trim, and the automation had kicked off. Most likely, the PF got behind the aircraft and never managed to recover it. Like @bluestar said of my post earlier, a good example albeit more dire situation, to support the statement that it is doubtful any "fs pilot" could step into the cockpit and recover a misbehaving or out-of-trim aircraft. Interestingly, I've spoken to several 330F pilots I've met, one of whom pointed me to a video made (I think) by Flight Global after the FDR and CVR from AF447 were recovered. The video demonstrated quite well that, when presented with a similar situation (and without prior knowledge of what they were being asked to demonstrate), the CX pilots (in the sim) reacted without hesitation and based on their training (and experience) recovered the aircraft with only minimal effort. Basically, when they observed that the Airbus was in alternate law, they quickly applied pitch and power inputs (if I recall right, something like 5 degrees @ 85%), and then worked the problem with the automation until recovered. JT
  13. Several years ago when I was first learning to fly, I was told by one of my flight instructors that the difference between mastering a small Cessna and being able to fly a large transport category aircraft, was akin to the difference " between driving a Yugo and a Kenworth truck ". That dates me I know. But there is an element of truth to it... What I found out in the FFS is that the mass of one of these large aircraft is not so easily replicated in desktop simulators, (the IP said even the level D sim I was in "struggles" to fully replicate the true feeling of inertia one experiences with a nearly 1M pound aircraft in real air). I had absolutely no problem "flying the flight director", or with any of the other aspects of managing the "stick and rudder" flying skills.....except when the automatics were not available. That is when I became aware of how much skill and training is necessary to be able to acclimate to the "feel" of such a heavy (in case of 747) aircraft, and manage its energy well. That is where I fell behind, and without the "electronic help", was not able to fly it well. As an aside, I thought about what that old flight instructor told me all those years ago, and I just went ahead and purchased American Truck Simulator :-). I'm going to try and take a shot at driving an actual loaded Peterbilt or Mack (Rubber Duck...), but only after driving the sim for about a week or two. Even bought a replica of the 18 speed shifter knob with high range and a splitter... I want to see just how bad I do, as well as finding out whether the comparison he made all those years ago is actually valid or not?
  14. I agree. I just posted above you, saying about the same. When I debriefed with the IP after the "flight", he quite quickly asked to see the "tool" I had used to prepare. I opened up my laptop, fired up PSX, and he was quite impressed. One of the carrier's captains happened by the coffee room where we were sitting together, and instantly knew the program, and joined in the discussion. No doubt, from a mastery or better stated solid understanding of the systems and how they come together to manage the jet, he said he felt I could be trained to fly the 747 in half the time they spend to train other pilots. The "hard part" PSX did for me - systems, and understanding how it all comes together. But even with my 3000+ hours of flying, a good bit of it in high performance / high altitude jets (always SIC though) it was still a handful to actually fly the bird (but a lot of fun).
  15. I've been following this thread with some interest now for awhile, and just had the opportunity last week to "test" this idea/concept in an actual B747 level D FFS. In fairness, I do work around the 747 for a living, and so am very familiar with the aircraft itself, not to mention having been "flying" Aerowinx's PS1 and PSX now for well over 10 years (PS1 I received in 1997 along with the original PMDG manual ). Without going into an essay: was the simulator IP impressed that I could navigate my way around the cockpit, FMC, engine start up and avionics configuration like I did it for a living? Absolutely. That part, e.g. knowing the layout, switch and all panel flows, MCP set up, the FMC pages and programming, all the small bits, really impressed him. But that was about the limit of how well the desktop simulator prepared me for the "Level D FFS". Flows, layout, using automatics etc. yes, PSX had me as prepared as any new pilot coming to training. The actual flying bit? Yea, nah. Close, but not safe at all. And I possess a CFII/MEI and well over 3800 hours of actual flying over 20 years mainly in high performance recips and some light jets (think Citation V). Taxing: not a huge challenge except to remember to extend the nose well out past your comfort zone. Take off: I got it off ground with only one tail strike from over rotation in 4 attempts. Once airborne, I flew the FD like a champ, managed the electronic kit, absolutely no worries. But.... when it came to hand flying? - well - that was not good, and I got well and truly behind the thing very quickly even with some help - especially when I was not permitted to use the A/P and A/T and they threw in WX ..... Landing was something else all together. When using the automatics to manage everything to the point of arriving stabilized on a 5-7 mile final, I was able to get it to the runway; but out of 4 landings I had a chance to perform, only one was deemed safe and successful (despite it being the one with a strong gusty crosswind), 2 damaged the aircraft including a pod strike, and one would have gotten me and everyone else killed - the hand flown to the runway with no A/T or automatics to help. The difference? CONTROL FORCES, POWER MANAGEMENT and visual reference/cues, especially with landing(s), the tendency of the 47 to land short if you are not mindful of the height (and some flare management as well) are not as easy to replicate in a 2D or even fancy FDS fixed base solution. I was told I'd have a better shot than a layman at getting the bird on the ground, if all of the automatics were working, I'd probably be "ok" - but with no automatics, it would be a true challenge and he doubted I'd be able to do much more than manage a crash landing. JT
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