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  1. Bicilindrico

    B737NGX Overhead Panel not Appearing (shift+6)

    Just for the history, I very nicy guy form PMDG support sent me through email a panel.cfg file made for B738NGX for triple monitor set ups. Everything now, including the Overhead Panel, undocks with no problems!! Thank you PMDG!!
  2. Hello! Lately, and in almost every flight I have black squares on the sky. Sometimes only as I leave the arrival airport, sometimes during the most part of the journey. These black squares come and disappear after a while or they stay for longer periods of time. When I disconnect AS next, these squares also disappear. Is there anyone that could help? I suppose that could have to do with the settings of AS Next. Thank you Dimitris
  3. Thank you Gerard!! Gboz, in DUBAI 25-30 fps (B737-800NGX) Thank you Gerard!! Gboz, in DUBAI 25-30 fps (B737-800NGX) Thank you Gerard!! Gboz, in DUBAI 25-30 fps (B737-800NGX)
  4. the least I have seen till now is 19-21 fps momentarily in aerosoft thessaloniki X. In fly tampa venizelos airport the frames are more than 25 per sec. Noe is the time to return in international flights and see the response to other airports. Cheers Dimitris
  5. Dear emann I do not know if you can do it. I am not such an expert, but my feeling says that there is no such a command. I WISH I AM WRONG!! Personally, I always leave my FSX PC in the configured state, since I have a second PC to do anything else. Guys!!! I have good news! 1) I followed gboz and WotanUK's advises and bevel correction now is there! Right Click on Desktop, Change Resolution, chose the 5967x1080x32 (since this was the higher resolution available after I had done the bevel adjustment). Also changed the resolution from inside FSX. 2)After bevel adjustment, I have a little better fps performance, is it plausible? 3) Most Important: PMDG support gave me the solution! I had problems undocking the Overhead Panel. I started to believe that I am just destined not to see my Overhead Panel undocked to a touchscreen. But PMDG sent me a special panel.cfg file, which is made for 3X1 monitors. Ryan (the guy from PMDG) was relactant that this will work, since he knew that I fly with 6 monitors in total. BUT I was lucky!! Now the OVERHEAD PANEL is undocked and placed to the 24" touchscreen, where was meant to be! See pictures please. OVERHEAD PANEL ALL TOGETHER FMC and RADIOS now together I am so happy! Project has not ended. The 24" touchscreen (with the Overhead Panel) will be placed upon the 3x32" TVs, on a special mount that I will design, like the real cockpits!! After that, only the CPFLight hardwares will remain to complete the project (MCP, EFIS, COM, NAV, ADF, XPDR). Cheers DImitris
  6. Bicilindrico

    FSX Keypad

    Thank you very much for your replies. hidmacros seems interesting! Logitech is also nice! And I suppose it can also be configured through hidmacros. Cheers Dimitris
  7. Bicilindrico

    FSX Keypad

    Hi Ron, I was wondering, if I assign let's say number "1" on keypad, will the number "1" on main keyboard be deleted? will there be any conflict?
  8. Dear emann, thank you for your feedback. With the 6 monitors set up (3 in surround mode) I still haven't found the way to configure the bezel adjustment. I believe (not sure) that I have to disable fisrt the second GPU (with the 3 smaller monitors) and then adjust the bezel correction. But I haven't found the guts to do so fear that I might spoil the present configuration. I need an expert to visit me, offer coffee and food, and have him do the job! Hahahaha!! Till then...I will have to live with that bezel unadjusted config. Cheers Dimitris
  9. Hi! I think it would be great if I could get one small keypad and use it close to my Yoke, so as to have some certain commands closer to me (example Ivap speaking through Teamspeak, etc). But then I wonder, how will I set it up? FSX "sees" my main keyboard. How will I add the second keypad? Does anyone use extra keypads and happen to know the way? I saw a very interesting keypad from Razor Orbweaver or something like looks amazing... Cheers Dimitris
  10. Till now I 've flown the B738NGX with the new configuration. In add on sceneries I get 18-19 (no less than that as far as I have noticed) to 25-30 fps depending on the scenery. Of course when I exit the scenery the frames return to more than 40/sec. I haven't the required programm to see the VAS usage. Do you have any suggestions? Maybe if I reset some settings in FSX, I'll get better fps inside the add on sceneries, because most of my settings are at the high level... Cheers Dimitris
  11. Some new pictures of my fresh monitor cockpit Still waiting an answer/solution relating to undocking the Overhead Panel from PMDG support (have to also try WotanUK's advise, see above) Also, I have not yet tried to adjust the bevel correction. I get confused in the Nvidia Control Panel and I am afraid that the configuration might be lost and that I will have to remake it. Should I disable first the secong GPU (with the extra 3 monitors) before adjusting the bevel correction to the 3X32" TVs? Probably.....?? !! Apart from that, I enjoy every flight I make. Domestic flights till now, so as to get used to the new configuration.. Cheers Dimitris
  12. Bicilindrico

    FSX- To uninstall some ADD-ONS

    Thank you very much Mr. Jim Young! To tell the truth, I will have to follow your instructions, by having a friend with me, who is an experienced computer user. Best Regards Dimitris
  13. Yes I am operating always in windows mode. After I adjust the bevel correction, how can I know what is the precise resolution after the adjustment? And after I find the resolution numbers where will I put it? In nvidia control panel under the displays section? For example after I followed the steps you suggested, in FSX settings I found the resolution 5927×1080×32 and I chose this resolution. Should I change it again? I got a little bit confused now...
  14. Hello and Happy New Year!! I want to uninstall FSPassengers and FSRecorder, since I do not use these programms anymore. Is the "uninstall" procedure through "Add/Remove" Programms sufficient or should I do any extra work? Is there any prossibility that a .dll file may stay inside FSX, after uninstall, and cause any problems? Thank you Dimitris
  15. Dear gboz, I followed your suggestion, and when I entered the airport, I saw again that the bezel correction had not been there. Does it mean now that I will have to deal with the FSX.cfg file? If yes, what should I look for? Cheers Dimitris