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Happy Summer from vAL

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virtual Air Logistics, vAL officially opened to the virtual airline world  a few months ago.    vAL is a different kind of virtual airline for a different kind of virtual pilot.  I’m happy to report our growth continues at a healthy pace and we have expanded our operations from two hubs (Alaska and Colorado) and are now operating bush and charter flights in Idaho from our third hub located in McCall, ID.


In addition to having over 350 schedules, vAL also allows pilots to operate charter flights to over 42,000 different airports in over 230 countries.  In addition to flexible schedules, vAL is also offering a structured dispatch scenario requiring pilots to fulfill specific cargo supply runs in some of the more remote regions of Alaska.    Of course, vAL also offers a monthly tour throughout various regions and we have scheduled multiplayer flights with TeamSpeak 3 access.


Why vAL?  vAL offers the virtual pilot a fun, friendly, mature and relaxed atmosphere.  We fully understand that many things in life come before our hobbies.  We never expect you to put your virtual aviation career ahead of family, work, school and other life commitments.  We offer schedules ranging from just 30 minutes of flying time up to 1-2 hours.  Our goal at vAL is to start small and grow based on the number of members and overall flight activity.  Currently we have pilot bases in Colorado, Idaho and Alaska and pilots can fly from either as they desire.  


Our flight schedules offer the virtual pilot a wide range of prop driven aircraft including the Piper Cub J3, DHC-2 Beaver (all variants), C185 (all variants), the C208 and for those wanting a little more power, we offer many routes on the Beech 1900D.  We have also acquired a DHC-5 Buffalo and the DHC-6 Twin Otter.  Have a desire to fly even older aircraft?  vAL also has the DC-3 (and BT-67 conversions) along with an old Ford Tri-Motor. Of course,  vAL offers some fantastic bush flying throughout the Alaska, British Columbia and Yukon region with new routes and destinations added each week. 

Finally, with our brand new partnership with 
Return to Misty Moorings, vAL offers an opportunity for virtual pilots to really get a sense of what bush flying is all about and strengthens our “No Runway Too Short, No Airfield Too Remote” philosophy.   Return to Misty Moorings is a freeware scenery site offering additional sceneries, missions and much more for the Orbx/FTX regions in the Pacific Northwest. 


virtual Air Logistics, a different kind of virtual airline for a different kind of virtual pilot.  Thank you for your time.


Jerry Taylor – CEO

virtual Air Logistics

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