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Does the NGX use Local Variables 'LVars'?

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Have been using FSRecorder to record my flights in the NGX and although this works pretty good there are some things in the NGX that don't get recorded like the position of the autobrake switch, the position of the A/T and so on.


I found the below information over at the FS Recorder site and was wondering if this maybe could be a solution so you can have FS Recorder record these switches as well but that of course all depends on whether the NGX uses these so called 'Local Variables'?


Here's the info taken from the FS Recorder site


Additional variables can be configured for recording/playback by adding CUSTOMVAR sections to the FSRecorder.ini file.


Add-on aircraft often use so-called 'local variables' or 'LVars' for custom switches, animations, etc. If you know the name of an LVar used by an add-on, you can configure it for recording.


For the FSX version you can additionally configure recording of most variables listed in the FSX SDK.


For each variable a CUSTOMVAR section in the FSRecorder.ini file has to be added:


VarName=<variable name>
Units=<unit name>
UIGroup=<group name>
DataType=<data type>
Indexed=<maximum index>


The Units, UIGroup, DataType, Indexed and Interpolate entries are optional.


<nnn>: A unique number in the range 000 to 255 (you have to use three digits, leading zeros are required!)


<variable name>: The name identifying the variable. For LVars this has to be 'L:' followed by the variable name. For FSX variables it has to be 'FSX:' followed by a variable name from the FSX SDK (without index for indexed variables).


<unit name>: FSX only! A unit name from the FSX SDK. If you do not specify a unit name, the native unit of the variable is used.


<group name>: The group name is shown in the FS Recorder data options. If no group name is specified, "Custom Data" is used.


<data type>: The data type used to store the variable in the .frc file. Can be one of float, double, int, short, byte. If not specified, float is used.


<maximum index>: Some FSX variables have an index (e.g. engine parameters need an index in the range 1-4 to identify the engine). This parameter specifies the maximum index to record.


<interpolate>: Specifies if the variable is interpolated between recorded samples during playback (1) or not (0). The default is 1 for data types float and double and 0 for integer data types.

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