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Copying radial from FIX page to route/legs

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Hi everyone,


I'm struggling with a problem and would like to ask for help.

When entering a waypoint and appropriate radial and distance in the FIX page I would like to copy it to the legs page.


According to the operations manual I should press the LSK of the waypoint (radial/distance) and it should be copied to the text line (can't remember the name, but the place where information is posted when you press the keys on the FMC). Thereafter one can enter it in the legs or route page.


However nothing ever gets copied when I press the LSK in front of the radial/distance line. Is this a bug or me being stupid?



Best regards,


Mikkel Gylling Hangaard

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Copying the waypoint name via the respective LSK to the scratchpad while on legs-page functions normally. After switching to fix-page, the name can be "pasted" via LSK into the respective line.

Unfortunately it does not seem to work in the other direction. A bug? I don't know, but "fishing" the names from legs- or route-page to fix-page only is fine with me.

It's actually the same with the airport identifiers from the alternates page: no copying via the scratchpad.

What I like about "no copy and paste" is that you are actually forced to deal with all the letter codes, which helps, in the case of airport identifiers, learn where you will be actually flying to and how you will get there...



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