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FSX and Video Card Ram

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I was wondering how more VRAM affects FSX. I've heard it helps a bit in loading terrain and clouds but I just wanted to make sure. I was thinking about upgrading my video card from a gtx 560 1gb non-ti to something like a gtx 760 either 2 or 4 gb VRAM. I use a lot of payware aircraft, scenery and other utilities. I also play games like battlefield 3 and some others. I have an i5 2500k already overclocked to 4.2-4.3 ghz too.

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The amount of VRAM needed is usually proportional to the monitor aspect size and will usually only affect performance in FSX if there is not enough VRAM to display on the monitor what has been sent by the cpu.

Note: (GDDR speed and or the bandwidth, etc can affect performance too). 

For example:

If you have a 1920 x 1200 monitor displaying around 2.3 million pixels you could use up to 1.4/1.5GB VRAM to display FSX dependent on scenery, add-ons, complexity settings etc.

A 1680 x 1050 aspect (around 1.76 million pixels) could use up to 1.1GB of VRAM to display FSX. 

A 2550 x 1440 monitor (3.7 million pixels) you could use up to 2.2/2.4GB VRAM and so on.


These are approximate figures and will vary from PC to PC and what is actually being rendered/displayed and my observations only apply to NVidia cards.

A GTX 770 is probably a good buy at this time.



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