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  1. Illegitimi non carborundum

    Hard Drive Space

    Lamar Its all in the registry when you install the OS on one drive and other programs on other drives a registry entry (entries) point(s) the OS to the drive and loads the software. To the OS its just like the software is installed in the Program Files folder on your C:\Drive. PeterH
  2. Illegitimi non carborundum

    VIDEO showing FTX Vector's HUGE amount of VAS usage

    How did you monitor the VAS in real time - I only know that VMMAp is the most accurate VAS measurement and you usually monitor contiguous space and fragmentation in the log file post running FSX. The display from VMMap is huge and I can't see it being displayed whilst FSX is running, but perhaps I'm wrong? You talk about virtual memory but I've always thought that was the paging file (yes - I know that even Microsoft use the terms together) which is associated with the Physical RAM, the VAS is Virtual (process) address space nothing to do with virtual memory ie the paging file. Apologies if I have misinterpreted your results. pH
  3. Illegitimi non carborundum

    XP 3gb "switch"

    Jim You can still use the userva line in Win XP 32-bit as it can set the VAS from 2.5GB to its maximum of 3GB (in 128Kb blocks) just using the /3GB switch will set the VAS to 3GB or 3072 and that may be too much for some systems. With respect pH
  4. Illegitimi non carborundum

    XP 3gb "switch"

    Slim if this is win xp 32-bit you need the 3GB switch to access the most VAS (if it is 64-bit it shouldn't be used as you have 4GB VAS allocated by default) The boot.ini line should look like: /fastdetect /3GB /USERVA=3072 (note spaces) The values go from 2560 to 3072 in 128 Kb blocks Regards pH
  5. Illegitimi non carborundum

    window 7 64 bit sp2 crashing while starting flight sim

    Mikey That is unusual FSX almost invariably runs fine in Win 7 64-bit. Have you run sfc /scannow at a command prompt - if so any errors? Have you tried running FSX in Win 7 "safe" mode. What does the event viewer log say? - Have you looked at the entries in the Reliability Monitor at the crash time? What are your system specs - windows + r key type in msinfo32 and press enter. With the above info we may be able to help. pH
  6. Illegitimi non carborundum

    How do I get rid of VSync issues?

    AFAIK Your motherboard supports the use of lucidlogix Virtu MVP software (free for MSI mobo's maybe also for yours.) - which amongst other things (not for FSX) is one of the best controls for vsync for many games. I use it for FSX and find it useful. Others may not, but it may be worth a try. It has to be set up in the BIOS so read the instructions carefully. Regards pH
  7. Illegitimi non carborundum

    Can someone please interpret my CTD messages?

    Event ID 100 is a generic application error that doesn't really tell you much but in your case the first error has to do with the MD-11 possibly something in that is causing the crash. Error #2 and #3 is down to an app called A2A_Feel.dll, you may need the updated version Error #4, 5 and 6 is a mismatch or possibly an illegal call to a non-existent or otherwise RAM address possibly caused by 1, 2, or 3. You might have a corrupt gauges.dll but I'm not sure. Might be worth a look on the PMDG and A2A forums. There may be other explanations. pH
  8. Illegitimi non carborundum

    Why does FSX run out of memory?

    Tom I was talking specifically about VRAM which does have a significant impact on the VAS in a 32-bit OS but very little in a 64-bit OS (see below). Today we have 4GB video cards if they affected the VAS (4GB max for FSX) in a 64-bit OS - FSX would never start. If you look in VMMAP whilst FSX is running you will see that there is no significant effect caused by the video card VRAM, shadow copy or otherwise, on the FSX VAS. However every program that interacts with FSX - weather, complex physics programs, aircraft, plus other add-ons that has its own exe file and VAS do have quite an impact on the FSX VAS. The main issue is fragmentation and loss of contiguous space and that has been documented on many forums and by the FSX team Regards This was about Vista but it is relevant in win 7 32-bit "A modern graphics processing unit (GPU) can have 512 MB or more of video memory. Applications that try to take advantage of such large amounts of video memory can use a large proportion of their virtual address space for an in-memory copy of their video resources. On 32-bit systems, such applications may consume all the available virtual address space." However AIUT Win 7 no longer keeps an in-memory copy of the video resources so the impact should be less.
  9. Illegitimi non carborundum

    Why does FSX run out of memory?

    If you are talking about an OOM where only FSX crashes then the post above is not strictly correct. The problem with FSX OOM's are due the following: Why does FSX run out of memory or more accurately the Virtual Address Space (VAS) is a difficult concept to understand. It has NOTHING to do how much Physical RAM you have onboard. The Virtual (Process) Address Space (VAS) is part of the Windows OS - in the first versions of windows if a piece of software crashed it crashed the whole of windows with the dreaded BSOD. So to protect itself Windows it now loads all software into the VAS ( sort of virtual cocoon) so if the program crashes (OOM) it does not usually crash Windows as well. Using say Win XP 32-bit or any 32-bit OS - loading an app like FSX (with the Large Adress Aware Flag set) it will have a MAXIMUM of 4 GB of VAS to load into. This was an enormous figure 20 years ago when the usual PHYSICAL RAM on-board was <1GB. However in a 32-bit OS 2GB (HALF) of this VAS is allocated to the system leaving only 2 GB available for FSX MINUS the VRAM on the videocard, so if you a video card with 1GB of VRAM it can nearly exhaust all of the VAS before you have even loaded FSX - let alone run for any length of time. The workaround was to use the /3GB switch (via the boot.ini) which can increase the VAS up to 3GB minus the VRAM. (Better to switch to a 64-bit OS) In a 64-bit OS, FSX gets a whole 4GB of VAS to itself and this is not impacted significantly by the VRAM. In a 64-bit OS like Win 7 - the OS can load into 8 TERAbytes of VAS and so has little impact on FSX. (when I use Photoshop CS5 64 -bit it also loads into 8 TERAbytes of VAS - if this was anything to do with physical RAM how many sticks of 4GB RAM sticks would you need for 8 TERABytes of RAM.) You think you are safe in a 64-bit OS where FSX gets a whole 4GB of VAS - but maybe not so safe after all. As you run FSX the VAS it tends to defragment and the contiguous space starts to lessen and if FSX cannot load into the VAS by NOT having enough contiguous space to load into (and this can be as little as 1MB that FSX needs) a OOM will follow. Note: Not all OOMs when running FSX are due to VAS issues. During flight certain software add-ons or FSX itself can inadvertently instruct FSX via the OS cpu, etc to make an "illegal memory call", This could be that the code is still in the VAS and the OS has not passed it to the cpu and into the working set in the RAM – an OOM will follow as night follows day. There is a registry hack that can help the VAS from defragmenting (in a 32-bit OS only so far as I know) and the reference is here its called by its short name "HeapDecommitFreeBlockThreshold" registry key. It was used for Windows server editions but I used to use it in Win XP 32-bit before I moved to a 64-bit OS. I'm sorry this is technical but if you can understand the concept of the VAS you can see why you get OOM errors that are nothing to with the amount of Physical RAM + Paging file installed The VAS is part of the Operating System and the RAM is part of the hardware two totally different things. I haven't deliberately explained how the OS and the VAS interact with the cpu and the Physical RAM (the working set) but that relationship could also be a trigger for some OOM's. Read this to see what Phil Taylor, FSX developer, said about VAS: Regards pH
  10. Illegitimi non carborundum

    System Volume Files - Question?

    This would be a first step if they are to do with the system restore process: pH
  11. Illegitimi non carborundum

    Overclock advice I7 2600K

    Wayne<br />Sounds great.<br />PeterH
  12. Illegitimi non carborundum

    Overclock advice I7 2600K

    Wayne That's odd the turbo boost on my machine (without OC) only goes to 3.8GHz and that is the default turbo boost. Usually when you overclock you disable the turbo boost option so that the cpu is always running at the OC speed ie there is no turbo boost. I clock mine to 4.4GHz all on auto settings in the BIOS and do not see much improvement in FSX performance with higher oc settings, even when I manually set voltages and clock to 5.2 GHz using only 2 cores (water cooling). Good luck PeterH
  13. Illegitimi non carborundum

    Problems with Vsync and 60Hz Monitor

    Dxdogg Try setting the vsync (not adaptive) to half the refresh rate but set the fps limit in FSX to unlimited ie 60 fps. Another thing to try is - If you have a Sandybridge, IB, Haswell processor and modern mobo (1155/1150 etc) try something like "lucid mvp" which I use on my rig and its certainly quite smooth. If your mobo supports it, the software should come with it. Also try these settings with a "clean" fsx.cfg then introduce your various tweaks. Regards pH
  14. Chris Lucid Virtu MVP may help. Your mobo should have come with the software! PeterH
  15. Illegitimi non carborundum

    No HDMI Signal from GTX 660ti

    Great news!! pH