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  1. Illegitimi non carborundum

    Hard Drive Space

    Lamar Its all in the registry when you install the OS on one drive and other programs on other drives a registry entry (entries) point(s) the OS to the drive and loads the software. To the OS its just like the software is installed in the Program Files folder on your C:\Drive. PeterH
  2. Illegitimi non carborundum

    VIDEO showing FTX Vector's HUGE amount of VAS usage

    How did you monitor the VAS in real time - I only know that VMMAp is the most accurate VAS measurement and you usually monitor contiguous space and fragmentation in the log file post running FSX. The display from VMMap is huge and I can't see it being displayed whilst FSX is running, but perhaps I'm wrong? You talk about virtual memory but I've always thought that was the paging file (yes - I know that even Microsoft use the terms together) which is associated with the Physical RAM, the VAS is Virtual (process) address space nothing to do with virtual memory ie the paging file. Apologies if I have misinterpreted your results. pH
  3. Illegitimi non carborundum

    XP 3gb "switch"

    Jim You can still use the userva line in Win XP 32-bit as it can set the VAS from 2.5GB to its maximum of 3GB (in 128Kb blocks) just using the /3GB switch will set the VAS to 3GB or 3072 and that may be too much for some systems. With respect pH
  4. Illegitimi non carborundum

    XP 3gb "switch"

    Slim if this is win xp 32-bit you need the 3GB switch to access the most VAS (if it is 64-bit it shouldn't be used as you have 4GB VAS allocated by default) The boot.ini line should look like: /fastdetect /3GB /USERVA=3072 (note spaces) The values go from 2560 to 3072 in 128 Kb blocks Regards pH
  5. Illegitimi non carborundum

    window 7 64 bit sp2 crashing while starting flight sim

    Mikey That is unusual FSX almost invariably runs fine in Win 7 64-bit. Have you run sfc /scannow at a command prompt - if so any errors? Have you tried running FSX in Win 7 "safe" mode. What does the event viewer log say? - Have you looked at the entries in the Reliability Monitor at the crash time? What are your system specs - windows + r key type in msinfo32 and press enter. With the above info we may be able to help. pH
  6. Illegitimi non carborundum

    How do I get rid of VSync issues?

    AFAIK Your motherboard supports the use of lucidlogix Virtu MVP software (free for MSI mobo's maybe also for yours.) - which amongst other things (not for FSX) is one of the best controls for vsync for many games. I use it for FSX and find it useful. Others may not, but it may be worth a try. It has to be set up in the BIOS so read the instructions carefully. Regards pH
  7. Illegitimi non carborundum

    Can someone please interpret my CTD messages?

    Event ID 100 is a generic application error that doesn't really tell you much but in your case the first error has to do with the MD-11 possibly something in that is causing the crash. Error #2 and #3 is down to an app called A2A_Feel.dll, you may need the updated version Error #4, 5 and 6 is a mismatch or possibly an illegal call to a non-existent or otherwise RAM address possibly caused by 1, 2, or 3. You might have a corrupt gauges.dll but I'm not sure. Might be worth a look on the PMDG and A2A forums. There may be other explanations. pH
  8. Illegitimi non carborundum

    Couple Win7 64 questions on .NET Framework and Visual C++

    If the win 7 was a clean install with no issues or problems during the install, then 1. Should be covered by the install. Do only if you see issues. I had no issues just with a default install. 2. Ditto and you should also get .NET 4.0 installed. My SDK works OK without adding 32-bit options. Try it and see. 3. Set up an account as you say. Turning off UAC is OK but I still run everything with a "right click" run as admin. You can set this for each exe see permissions etc below. I guess old habits die hard and it doesn't do any harm. Learn everything you can about "security", "sharing" and "permissions" in Win 7 it can save a lot of grief later. Remember not to install FSX in the default 'program files (x86)' folder but in its own folder preferably on a separate drive, Regards pH
  9. Illegitimi non carborundum

    FSX hyper threading or not?

    PieEater<br />I use Process Lasso instead of setting the AM in FSX and to me it runs smoother. There may be a demo version.<br />There's another app out there (PRIO that does a similar thing, but I prefer PL. What I liked was that it sets the Affinity at the command level and its not a fixed value, so that may be optimal in core usage and I opined that might be more efficient than setting it within FSX. It certainly helps with core allocation - but I could just be deluding myself.<br /><br />I ran some tests on HT on my SB rig and saw a max rise of 2 deg C even at 4.6GHz so maybe Intel fixed the heat issue. I''ll try it on my i7 860 when I fit a liquid cooler I have on order.<br />Some excellent discussion here.<br />pH
  10. Illegitimi non carborundum

    FSX hyper threading or not?

    Zap I would be interested to see your results when using AM set in FSX and using cmd.exe (or via the Task Manager) to set the Affinity ie external to FSX. I use an app called Process Lasso (and I could be being deceived the Emperor's new clothes and all that) but FSX runs smoother (HT on or off) than any AM setting in FSX. The other major point with HT on (plus an overclock) would be to see if the temperatures rose significantly. I acknowledge that MC and HT have come a long way since SP1 especially in SB/IB rigs. I did ask Phil if his opinion of HT has changed post SP2 - but did not receive a response. However there was not a major code change between SP1 and SP2 that could affect HT results. We also need to remember that thread collisions may well occur randomly ie they may not be constant or occur during every type of simulation experience. As I said above try it with HT on or off and monitor the results. Don't forget with many tweaks we expect to see what we expect to see. I am indebted to thr comments in this discussion. pH
  11. Illegitimi non carborundum

    FSX hyper threading or not?

    According to Phil Taylor - Hyperthreading should be off to avoid the risk of thread collisions. Note - hyperthreaded is not multi-core. Our current plan is to treat HT machines as single-core since we noticed extensive collisions between threads which caused stutters. [it won't let me put quote marks around this statement] Ref: I think that you would need to try it on or off and look at the cpu temperatures and also see if stutters are present or not. Regards pH
  12. Illegitimi non carborundum

    Out of Memory Error

    StephenI did postulate, (as is my want) that the autosave does indeed refresh something in FSX (.NET Garbage Collector, kernel, heaps, stacks, handles or something). IMHO, and it is only an opinion, that the VAS becomes defragmented and I have seen that using a sysinternals app called VMMap, and the contiguous block sizes become smaller as the FSX flights become longer. As soon as you use something like autosave, (even ALT-Tab or refresh scenery key) the VAS space appears (I do stress appears as I am not an expert in interpreting VMMap) to become less fragmented and the contiguous block sizes appear to be larger or getting larger and that could be the key to reducing OOM errors. I can't prove any of this but if there is someone out there who uses VMMap and sees a similar situation when using say complex scenery coupled with complex tube liners plus add-on weather, plus add on AI, they might corroborate my theory. I only fly GA planes plus complex scenery and do not see any OOM errors and since Pete Dowson's FSUIPC fix no g3d.dll errors. Again using the latter fix and using VMMap you could see that the fragmentation of the VAS was less. However, I asked PeteD about this and he didn't think that there was any connection.I have written to Mark Russinovich from MS Sysinternals about VMMap and how to interpret its results wrt FSX, but he is a very busy person, and may not reply for sometime, if ever. Do a google search for WCL405-HD.wmv Mark Russinovich "Mysteries of Windows Memory Mnaagement revealed", Atlanta, May 2011, to see how VMMap might be able to help in FSX OOM issues. Unfortunately I have lost the original URL reference to the video.Hope this helpsPeterH
  13. Illegitimi non carborundum

    Out of Memory Error

    "IncreaseUserVA 2560 tweak" and " Set USERVA to 3072 (3 GBy)"The bcedit tweak should NOT be used in a 64-bit OS because FSX already has access to the full 4GB Virtual address space and by setting this flag you may be reducing the amount of VAS that FSX (and any 32-bit program installed) can access. Thankfully it probably doesn't work. If it did work by using userva 2560 you would have reduced the VAS available from 4GB to around 2.5GB. Not a good move!It is a 32-bit OS tweak only and has quite a few bad side effects associated with it.Remember this tweak has nothing to do with how much Physical RAM you have installed or the size of your paging file.OOM errors are nothing to do with physical RAM but everything to do with the Virtual Address Space annf in a 64-bit OS running a 32-bit program you are limited to a max 4GB. If you deplete the VAS (easy with complex planes/scenery) or there is not enough contiguous space in the VAS for FSX to load into then an OOM will follow as sure as night follows day.RegardsPeterH
  14. Illegitimi non carborundum

    FSX stutter problems...

    TomMake sure that hyperthreading is not turned on in the BIOS.Consider a SSD for FSX it fixed my texture lag loading times.Try a default fsx.cfg with a default plane - do you get the same stutters?RegardsPeterH
  15. RyanMany thanks I now make sure that my settings in the nvidia CP global and fsx are the same as in in nvidia inspector and I can see from your info how they interrelate.To realsimpilotthe latest drivers and the latest version of nvidia inspector all work with the GTX 2xx series as well as the 4xx and 5xx series. I have a GTX 260 running FSX very well with the new 266.xx drivers and nvidia Inspector v 1.9x.RegardsPeterH