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  1. PieEater<br />I use Process Lasso instead of setting the AM in FSX and to me it runs smoother. There may be a demo version. http://bitsum.com/prolasso.php<br />There's another app out there (PRIO http://prio.en.softonic.com/) that does a similar thing, but I prefer PL. What I liked was that it sets the Affinity at the command level and its not a fixed value, so that may be optimal in core usage and I opined that might be more efficient than setting it within FSX. It certainly helps with core allocation - but I could just be deluding myself.<br /><br />I ran some tests on HT on my SB rig and saw a max rise of 2 deg C even at 4.6GHz so maybe Intel fixed the heat issue. I''ll try it on my i7 860 when I fit a liquid cooler I have on order.<br />Some excellent discussion here.<br />pH
  2. Zap I would be interested to see your results when using AM set in FSX and using cmd.exe (or via the Task Manager) to set the Affinity ie external to FSX. I use an app called Process Lasso (and I could be being deceived the Emperor's new clothes and all that) but FSX runs smoother (HT on or off) than any AM setting in FSX. The other major point with HT on (plus an overclock) would be to see if the temperatures rose significantly. I acknowledge that MC and HT have come a long way since SP1 especially in SB/IB rigs. I did ask Phil if his opinion of HT has changed post SP2 - but did not receive a response. However there was not a major code change between SP1 and SP2 that could affect HT results. We also need to remember that thread collisions may well occur randomly ie they may not be constant or occur during every type of simulation experience. As I said above try it with HT on or off and monitor the results. Don't forget with many tweaks we expect to see what we expect to see. I am indebted to thr comments in this discussion. pH
  3. According to Phil Taylor - Hyperthreading should be off to avoid the risk of thread collisions. Note - hyperthreaded is not multi-core. Our current plan is to treat HT machines as single-core since we noticed extensive collisions between threads which caused stutters. [it won't let me put quote marks around this statement] Ref:http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ptaylor/archive/2007/04/09/fsx-sp1-news-intel-quote.aspx I think that you would need to try it on or off and look at the cpu temperatures and also see if stutters are present or not. Regards pH
  4. RyanMany thanks I now make sure that my settings in the nvidia CP global and fsx are the same as in in nvidia inspector and I can see from your info how they interrelate.To realsimpilotthe latest drivers and the latest version of nvidia inspector all work with the GTX 2xx series as well as the 4xx and 5xx series. I have a GTX 260 running FSX very well with the new 266.xx drivers and nvidia Inspector v 1.9x.RegardsPeterH
  5. RyanThanks for your reponse much appreciated,Now to the last questionWhat is the relationship of nvidia inspector to the nvidia control panel downloaded with the driver?If you open the NVCP after setting your card up in NV Inspector does it change anything especially if the settings in the NVCP are different to those in NV Inspector??When you install a new driver (now with the option of preserving previous settings) do you need to run NV Inspeector to 'refresh' your settings?Thanks again for a great post.RegardsPeterH
  6. Hi Ryan Great postYou said: An SSD won't improve your framerate, that's totally to be expected - FSX actually runs out of RAM, not off the storage device. What it should improve is texture streaming/blurries issues as well as load times like you noticed.Actually FSX doesn't run out of RAM it runs out of "Virtual Address Space" which on a 64 bit OS using FSX SP2/Accel is 4GB - nothing to do with physical RAM.A couple of points:In FSX I actually always tick AA so that when I ask nVidia Inspector to override AA it has something to override is this false logic?In some planes in the VC eg A2A Cub, Flight 1 Mustang, Quest Kodiak you see "swimming" instruments and I have used 2 techniques to overcome this.The first has quite a hit on frame rates: This uses 4x or 8x Sparse Grid supersampling.The second still works and has little impact on FPS: AA transparency Multisampling - ENABLED and AA Transparency Supersampling set to OFF/Multisampling.In both cases I used AA 8xSQAny comments on vsync and triple buffering?ThanksPeterH
  7. ZWerner Schott's checklists are also very good: http://freechecklists.net/simchecklists.aspRegardsPeterH
  8. ZiffelFriendly panels have developed an addon panel for the LJ45 and they post the manual here which describes the instrument panel: friendlypanels.com/manuales/L45FP.pdf This might help you grasp what an electronic EFIS panel does in a plane like the LJ45. :( RegardsPeterH
  9. RaynussThis what I do, I add a folder (describing the scenery) manually to the FSXaddon scenery folder. See this example for the Faroe Islands:V:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator XAddon SceneryFaroeIslands. in this folder there are 2 sub-folders 1. Scenery (bgl) and 2. Texture (bmp, dds) and I copy files manually to them as apropriate. I the activate or deactivate that scenery in the scenery tab in FSX. There are other ways but this is very simple and can be reversed at any time.RegardsPeter Hayes
  10. Steve you will find the panel by pressing the "START" button in WINXP, then "all programs/Flight 1 software/Ulimate Terrain X -USA/Setup Tool". The documentation is there also.RegardsPeter Hayes
  11. Its a term used for Fuel Efficiency, ie nautical miles (NAM) per 1000lbs of fuel burned (or Kg) including the aircraft range in NAM, the duration of the cruise in hours and the peak altitude during the cruise in feet.(http://mitre.org/work/tech_papers/tech_papers_06/05_1248/05_1248.pdf)RegardsPeter Hayes
  12. MarkI use a Pertelian device and the memory usage on my machine rarely exceeds 1.5Gb even in dense areas where the frame rates fall to single figures. (I have 2Gb RAM). The big worry is CPU usage in very dense areas it will stay at 200% (2 x 100% AMD dual core) for long periods. However, in less dense areas this drops to around 90%. On loading it usually peaks at around 800Mb with up to 190% cpu usage at various loading points. I'm trying to get the pertelian to produce a log file so that I can see the stats for various types of flights.RegardsPeterH
  13. Hi Nick(You get around!!!!) I thought that they also included animation textures eg see pics on SIMMARKET.Remember: Professor Marvel never guesses, he knows.Peter Hayes
  14. Alexander Just released: AERO FILES - WHAT A WONDERFUL SNOW FSXhttp://www.aero-files.com/Payware but may be what yoiu are looking for?Peter Hayes
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