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FSUIPC -- An alternate Perspective in the Twilight Zone

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OK more FSUIPC stuff ehhh?....NO! Read everyone. Pete decided to develop a freeware add-on IPC utility for the MSFS community in order to address what he thought were areas of flight simulator that could be improved. What are they? Some weather adjustments for a more real feel, which includes cloud, wind, and precipitation changes. Some minor flaws like short batery life which should never have existed in the first place with the number of Beta testers there are in world hacking this product apart. Ohh and joystick improvements and stuff.OK so Pete made a useful utility and now everyone is ###### 'cause he wants to sell it. OK well meybe he needs rent money or maybe he has a sick Uncle. Who cares. You gotta find out how much value the utility has and know how much it means to you. If it has much value and you benefit from whatever improvements to your flight sim experience you get, then great buy it.If it has little or no value, then good you don't buy it and Pete can't raise enough money to buy food to eat. Put a value on the product no matter what it is. Right now I can't use Reality XP gauges (yeah I payed for em..good money too) because of SSW's A310.DLL module. Until RealityXP and SSW get together this means moving the .DLL file to a folder located on my desktop and then back again to use the A310.Yeah I can moan and groan but I decided which add-on has more value and the 310 DLL stays put ... come on RXP/SSW work it so I don't have to do that! There my contribution to the world of moaning and groaning.ANYYWAAYYY!!!! FSUIPC has a low value and priority in my simming life. The only thing that ever benefited me by using FSUIPC is the battery life extension and, if it is not fixed by FS2004, then FS2004 oughta be free for the first 10,000 customers. I got the weather stuff taken care of with ActiveSky, got me a little Radar unit on the side, and I'm just plugging along happy as can be with the FS2002 freeware IPC. Thus I am never gonna buy Pete's utility and will use the freeware one with FS2002 until I decide to switch over -- SIMPLE!No crowing to the sky, no howling at the bushes, and no damn flames on the AVSIM board. So go find some value and lets keep movin on -- Sunny side up folks and keep gas in the tanks.Ohhh and by the way AIRBUS RULZ!!!!! Now there's a garden of flame for ya to digest ; ^ }

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Hi AirbusBuf,as far as Reality XP products and SSW. make sure to read the details here: is a copy of one of these messages:Without entering in too many details, here is what they seem to use: control at the ring0 level on your computer means that the program running this, could potentialy run any code, without your computer or your anti virus or your firewall know about. This is something used by some copy protection mechanism, and also something used by some viruses and trojan horses.So the only reason of the clash, is that their DLL think our gauges are trying to hack them, and it vanishes FS2002 to the is a suggestion to solve this:should their protection mechanism be only used in their gauges when they are loaded with their aircraft, and not in a module which is sitting there even though you are not flying their aircraft, that would make the difference. In this respect, please note that our newly introduced DLL in the module folder does not interfere with their protection, as it not only has no protection mechanism, but it is a "passive" kind of module which does nothing (in the sense it does not compute anything).We are yet to be contacted by SSW altough the problem has been raised on their forums...Best,Jean-Luc

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