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PMDG 777 Issue Tracking Thread - Read Before Posting!

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PMDG 777 post-release issues tracking thread:


This thread will serve as a central place for us to acknowledge the status of issues relating to the 777 product.

As always, we are collecting information so that we can evaluate the impact of items and determine the most effective use of our research time.

Found / Fixed / Adjusted for SP1:


- Fixed LNAV turn prediction distance issues in tailwind/headwind conditions that could cause under or overshoot of the next leg's track.


- Fixed LNAV cases where a turn prediction curve would fail to be drawn on the ND and a sharp angle would appear.


- Go-around mode thrust and pitch control completely rewritten - oscillating thrust issue eliminated.


- Erroneously large hold entry path distances when using a large hold leg distance fixed.


- ND waypoint datatag now correctly shows planned step climb altitudes (ie a FL390S entry on the LEGS page) at all times.


- EICAS reference N1 caret now moves as the calculated limit changes during a VNAV SPD climb. 


- Fixed erroneous EICAS messages relating to passenger door state on the 777F when the panel state was made on the 200LR and similar messages relating to the main cargo door in the reverse case.


- Fixed several hard to track down issues relating to S/C point positioning on the route and automatic step climbs not being triggered when they should be.


- TO-B (takeoff bump) thrust option now displays (this was there in the RTM code but was accidentally disabled)


- Several hard to track down sources of CTDs while changing the entered STAR and/or approach on the DEP/ARR page found and fixed.


- Lowered/disabled yoke animation position is now a global option that will persist at all times as we found most users who use it do it for every flight.


- Fixed erroneous flaperon droop with Flaps 1 deployed. (droop should only occur at Flaps 5 and above)


- Fixed a hard to find issue that could cause the ECL to skip checklists like Before Start.


- Fixed a rare issue with extremely long route legs that could cause the FMC to enter descent mode after passing a step climb point.


- MCP digit size and look adjusted (including removal of the upper horizontal bar on the "6" digit and lower horizontal bar on the "9" digit).


- PFD/ND digits corrected slightly (shorter lower horizontal bar on the "2" digit etc)


- FBW system review and functionality tweaks.

  • More will be said close to or at release.

- Issues with CTDs when connecting to FSX multiplayer servers.

  • A source and potential workaround for this has been identified but we are still trying to understand how exactly it happens. For now, it appears that removal of the "missionpanels.cfg" file from the FSX\Gauges folder stops the error for a number of customers who've experienced it.

- Fixed potential cause of exterior doors not being able to be opened or closed from FMC.

  • We have not been able to duplicate this problem explicitly ourselves in testing but code issues that could potentially be leading to it have been fixed - if it still happens post SP1, we will go back to it. 

- Fixed erroneous EICAS messages relating to non-existent main cargo door on the 200LR when a custom keypress is bound to the 777F main cargo door.


- Destination runway threshold crossing altitude now editable on the LEGS page for modifying final segment VNAV PTH profile.


- Fixed numerous issues related to FMC fuel prediction.


- Fixed a rare issue in LNAV calculation that could cause the aircraft to become unstable on a route leg that lies along a north-south longitudinal meridian.


- Assumed temperature N1 algorithm tweaked to produce more accurate values. (was previously too high in certain situations)


- Roll mode behavior below 400 feet after takeoff corrected. It is now possible to select modes other than LNAV.


- Corrected end of path AFDS behavior on approaches flown in LNAV/VNAV. (modes remain VNAV PTH, LNAV all the way to the ground, no A/T wakeup if manually disconnected unless mode manually changed, low airspeed, or TOGA pushed)


- Wind import .wx file is no longer locked from being written to after initial WIND REQUEST and can now be updated in flight.


- Fixed ACT WIND page ordering. (pages 1 and 2 missing etc)


- Fixed PROG page still showing SEL SPD after exiting a constant speed cruise segment. Will now correctly show ECON again.


- LNAV and VNAV mode arming while established in APP mode now inhibited per the real AFDS.


- LNAV and VNAV now always arm in white for approximately 1.5 seconds prior to actual green mode engagement per the real AFDS's consistency check routines.


- Stab trim units on FCTL page changed to .25 interval, not .01 as before.


- Fixed an issue where the plane could climb at minimum command speed despite having the flaps and gear up.


- Fixed fuel imbalance/disagree on second, third, etc flights without shutting FSX down.


- FMC now correctly recognizes European approach fixes like "EH645".


- Fixed a geometry problem with the left MLG bay door on the external model.


- Fixed VNAV overspeed when DES NOW is used.


- Using reversers now removes V-speeds and derates from the TAKEOFF REF page.


- Thrust reverser levers no longer operable in-flight with mouse dragging.


- TAI entries now accepted properly on DES FORECAST page.


- Removed auxiliary fuel tanks option from 777F FMC options.

- Fixed issue where the FMC was unable to load saved routes with negative airport altitudes as exported by some route planners.

- Fixed an issue that could cause FIX page entries to disappear.

- Fixed a case where A/T could stay in THR instead of THR REF after engaging VNAV in climb.

- Fixed a CTD on load that results from errors in the runways.csv or ARPT_RWY.dat files.

  • If you're getting a CTD upon selecting the airplane or pressing Fly Now, please try deleting these two files. runways.csv is in the root FSX folder, and ARPT_RWY.dat is in the FSX\PMDG\NAVDATA folder. runways.csv can be remade using Pete Dowson's MakeRunways.exe tool, found at his website.

- Fixed a CTD / lockup when changing the FMC step size on the ground.

- Fixed erroneous master caution in flight when using cold and dark panel state.

- PMDG Operations Center not displaying or allowing livery downloads.

  • Fixed in OC version 1.2, available via the live updater in the application.

- Paint kits missing PMDG_777_VC_NNumber.psd file.

  • The fixed downloads are available now from the PMDG website.

- Stopped landing light on/off event flooding.

- External lighting not visible to FSPassengers or VA ACARS clients.


- BEX crash with PMDG Operations Center in Windows Vista or 7.

- PMDG Operations Center ADVAPI32.dll crash in Windows XP.

  • Fixed in OC version 1.3. Open the C:\Program Files\PMDG Operations Center folder and run the OpsCenterUpdater.exe file, it will download 1.3 or later for you.

- Ongoing Windows XP issues with PMDG Operations Center.

  • All known XP issues are fixed in version 1.5, released 11SEP13. I hope you guys realize how much work this was to do - we did not have to do it given that the product does not advertise XP support.

- PMDG Operations Center not recognizing the NGX or 777 as installed on 32-bit Windows versions.

  • Fixed as of OC version 1.4. OC should auto update when you run it.

- Fixed Runway/ILS error message after using cold and dark panel state.

- Fixed VOR not reverting to autotuning after electrical power is cycled.

- Enabling Auto Time Compression will now suppress the crew alertness monitor.

- Loading a panel state no longer causes the airplane to go through the entire cold boot / power-up sequence.

- Fixed numerous panel state related bugs.

- Fixed CTD after selecting PLAN mode while the ND is on the lower EICAS.


Issues acknowledged and under investigation:

- Long pauses where the sim recovers after 30 seconds to a few minutes.


- PMDG Operations Center Display Manager module.

  • This is something we built for the initial release but pulled at the last minute to address a few issues that cropped up. It allows you to set the 2D panels (NGX) and 2D popups (J41 and 777) up for use with different monitor aspect ratios including triple monitor arrays like AMD Eyefinity, Nvidia Surround or Matrox TH2G.

Not real issues - please don't repost these:

- Speed restrictions of the form 200/ (no altitude) and 200A or 200B aren't accepted.

  • These are 737NG FMC features that do not exist in the real life 777 FMC. All speed restrictions must also contain an altitude to be valid. There is no such thing as pilot-entered at-or-above and at-or-below restrictions on the 777 either. The FMC treats all restrictions as at-or-below internally when calculating the VNAV path.

- Master warning siren/wailer doesn't turn off.

  • This is a realistic feature that is an option on the airplane. Look for RESETTABLE SIREN in the EQUIPMENT section of the aircraft options in the FMC.
  • With respect to the autopilot disconnect form of this sound, it takes two presses of the AP disconnect button/key to silence it. The second press must come at least 1.5 seconds after the first. Again, accurate to the real world airplane.

- VNAV doesn't slow automatically during approach.

  • This is not the 737 FMC. The 777 one does not slow to approach speed - it is up to the pilot to speed intervene in VNAV PTH to do this. The default 170 restriction seen at the runway waypoint is advisory only.

- Out of Memory (OOM) errors.

  • Pages 21-25 of the Introduction manual contain a very detailed discussion of why this occurs with a whole bunch of recommendations for dealing with it. Please read it if you experience this error.

- Thrust rating stays CLB in cruise flight instead of CRZ.

  • This is a real life option many airlines have. You're flying a livery that has this option set.

- The external model takes a second to fully show when switching views.

  • This is just FSX. The graphics engine is 8 years old now and we're doing things with it that it was never meant to do. Just one of the quirks you have to live with if you want the super high-detail models and textures.

- FSX default ATC doesn't work.

  • You need to ensure the COMM receiver and MIC switch are both active. You will not hear or be able to say anything on the real airplane either without these.

- There is no 2D panel.

  • This was discussed to death here in the years leading up to this release and we consistently said that the NGX would be our last release to have one. We have included every 2D popup we thought was necessary - all 3 CDUs, the MCP, the radios, all displays etc. It also should be possible for someone to use the SDK to make an addon 2D panel provided they don't use any of our copyrighted artwork.

- Cockpit graphics issues with low weather visibility

  • This is caused by use of the "Shader 3.0 mod" - we have verified that it only occurs with this unsupported third-party modification to the simulator present. The sections of the cockpit that exhibit the graphical issues are no different than the rest of VC in terms of the materials, polygons etc and it is not happening as a result of anything we can address. We cannot be expected to fix problems that result from modifying the way the graphics are rendered in the simulator. Multiple users who wrote in reported that the issue resolved after removing the Shader 3.0 mod.

Ryan Maziarz

For fastest support, please submit a ticket at http://support.precisionmanuals.com

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