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Few Notes on PMDG 777 first experience.

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I finally did my first flight with PMDG 777 yesterday with pfpx. I wasn't able to complete the flight because my fsx died on me - not PMDG's fault. Its my computer reminding me for some cleaning to do or don't bother simming lol.

However, the experience was amazing. Even now I am getting ideas to try out while I am typing this as I experienced some interesting behaviour from the aircraft.


Please remember I haven't flown PMDG 737 before and for 777 I have flown posky v2 merged with pss ones mostly.


I don't mean to bog the plane down. The things that I came across simply means my lack of knowledge. However, it did remind me of how aggressive Posky 777v2 was in flying or the PSS 777: "Hmmm.... they had a point, 777 can fly like a rocket".


Points I noticed:


1. I was performing a short haul flight with fuel 45000 lbs - value little more than what pfpx had estimated. The aircraft was very light. With a slight touch on the throttle, the aircraft was easily speeding. It was very tricky to taxi. 

My question here is, should I have included more fuel, enough for a return trip? Is that the norm on how to make the aircraft little more controllable?


2. On the runway, as I increased throttle on my joystick to reach 45% N1, I pressed the AT to let TOGA take over the throttle. However the throttle on my joystick was left untouched. Few seconds later, 777 throttle went back towards idle, resulting in aborted takeoff. 

My question would be: should I have continued to raise my throttle slider on my joystick despite TOGA taking over?


3. On my second attempt, I went a little extra speed than V1 as I literally forgot V1 and VR speeds were calculated out to be same value. So while I was waiting for rotate callout, I went past V1 and Vr speeds easily. I only heard V1 callout.

Question: Could this be planned better other than paying more attention?


4. When I rotated I didn't do a steep takeoff, while my throttle on my joystick was pushed down to 97%, I ended up speeding very easily way ahead of 200 knots.

I guess my lesson here would be I don;t have to go that aggressive on my joystick throttle slider especially on a not so heavy 777 aircraft?

Also pull the yoke far more and get more gradient climb ?


5. Also, I tried the short turnaround ground operation tool in 777. I couldn't get the fuel part to work properly. In the plan fuel, I typed in 45000 lbs. I left out other fuel fields blank.

However, I never got the fuel to be uploaded in all 55 minute timeframe.


Secondly could the PMDG guys tell us how the schedule for each door in the turnaround time frame works. For example, how long do cargo doors and bulk doors stay open and at what sequence do they open and close?


6. Here's another note. This one is definitely interesting. While my aircraft was being pushed back by my GSX, I started my engines. Once pushback was complete but before I put on parking breaks my aircraft had already rolled over the push back truck. Does this mean that in this case, I should have waited for complete pushback, put on parking breaks and then start the engine ?


I have seen this process happening a lot of times in real life and I have always been curious to why some pilots wait for complete pushback and then start their engines while some start engines while being pushed back.


Sorry for my long story. I really love this aircraft and there is sooo much to experiment :)


What are your thoughts or how did you plan out your flights ?

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