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Saving Panel States

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I have been trouble shooting  the three problems listed below that I have had since installing the 777.

1. Test equipment appearing when not chosen as an option in the FMC.

2. Ground equipment not appearing

2. Unable to align 737NGX IRS (not typing error)


Last night I did a system restore back to the point just before I installed the 777. This fixed problem 3. I then reinstalled the 777 and problem 1 and 2 were fixed.


Tonight I decided to do a flight with the 777. I loaded the 777 and everything was fine. I selected the short turn around state and again everything was fine. I connected ground power and turned of the APU and saved that state. On looking outside the plane I noticed that problems 1 and 2 had reappeared. I then decided to again do a system restore as my computer had also installed a windows critical update. The update was installed last night just before the 777 so on reflection I doubt that was the cause of the problem. I then remembered that I saved a panel state when I first loaded the 777. Therefore am wondering if my problems are caused when I save panel states?


I shall reinstall the 777 later but I need a "quick PMDG fix" so am going to downsize and fly the 737-600 first. 


I am using Windows 64 bit and I have FSX installed as follows: C:\FSX


Therefore am wondering if am right in assuming that saving panel states is causing my problem? To this end I will try again tomorrow and resist the urge to save.


Finally on the two occasions that I have flown the 777 I have enjoyed every moment and it's interesting to see how different she is from the 737 especially in VNAV when issuing the add drag command. In descent the the 737 will ask for extra drag as soon as the IAS is 10 knots above the FMS value whilst the 777 seems to only ask for extra drag when nearing a speed restriction. Which to my mind is a far better solution. I guess if the IAS got near the "red bricks" she would then issue the add drag command.

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