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Release Version 3.32.0

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Release Version 3.32.0 has just been posted ...


This version is identical to the latest Beta Version 3.31.5.


If you haven't already upgraded to the latest Beta version, please download the latest Upgrade from our website, uninstall your current version via Windows Control Panel - Uninstall a Program, then install the downloaded upgrade.


Please read and step through the Getting Started Guide for Single PCs.


If you are using EZCA or any other camera control package then open the Configure dialog and turn OFF the Live Camera Control, Live Camera, and all three General DHM options.


If you are using the new PMDG 777 then after setting your system up and following all instructions in the Getting Started Guide you can generate your WX weather files under the following conditions.


1. When a Flight Plan has been entered or imported into our Flight Plan Options dialog, accessed via the Weather dialog, and then Processed. Flight plans loaded via FSX can be read and processed automatically.


2. When a PMDG aircraft is loaded and sitting on the ground. The WX files are not generated whilst airborne at the moment, this will most likely change in a forthcoming Beta release.


3. When your <SIM>\PMDG\WX folder exists and is accessible by the FSXSERVER program. Prior to copying the WX file to the PMDG\WX folder the weather data is written to our own OpusPMDGData.txt file in your OpusFSX\Themes folder.


4. To obtain a meaningful WX report you must be using GRIB data (the GRIB data provides a global forecast for all upper winds and temperatures). The GRIB data will be downloaded and used whenever you specify a Max Cruise Altitude of at least 6000 feet in the Weather dialog prior to Updating the weather.


Users who have FSX and OpusFSX installed on the same disk drive ...


It is always highly recommended to give FSX its own disk drive, preferably a dedicated SSD. If however your system has both FSX and OpusFSX sharing a drive then you might want to disable the Live Weather Maps within the Configure dialog. This will prevent the Weather Map data being written to file after each weather update or refresh.


Stephen :smile:

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   Release Version 3.32.1 has just been posted ...


This version uses the English (Great Britain) language culture for the conversion of all floating point numbers. This upgrade was to help a few users who had modified their generic english culture to use a comma instead of a decimal point. The software should allow this provided uses do not select the English (Great Britain) language and alter the numeric formatting for that language.


End result, the above should not result in any GRIB data decoding errors any more for those users prefering the comma as their decimal representation.


Stephen :smile:

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