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I have been having recurring and totally random issues with an APPHANGB1 error in FSX. This error was happening with any plane, any scenery and at totally random times. I tried to repeat the situation and get the exact same error or more than one occasion, but I couldn't replicate it. So I went on a system troubleshooting hunt:


  • Firstly, I thought it may have been my overclock. I bumped up the Vcore offset a few notches but couldn't cure the problem
  • Next I lowered the overclock on my graphics card. This seemed to work at first, but after a while the error came back again
  • I lowered the settings on Nvidia inspector. Again this seemed as though it was a fix, but this morning I had the error again (getting frustrated at this point  :mad: )
  • The last step I have tried is swapping out my current ram (Crucial Ballistix 1600MHz C8) for the ram I was using prior to my rebuild (Normal crucial 1600MHz C11 ram). I think this may have fixed my issue. I'm not counting my chickens yet though, because I thought I did have this issue fixed before!

The reason I am pointing the figure at my RAM is when I first installed it with the new build and started overclocking, I was getting Prime95 failures and IntelBurnTest failures all associated with RAM. I switched the RAM at this point back the previous RAM and managed to get a stable overclock. Later, I tried the new RAM in the system just out of curiousity and ran Prime95 with no errors and IBT with no errors. Strange, but oh well, I left the new RAM in a carried on my merry way.


I have seen in other topics/forums some various APPHANG fixes (pagefile on drives where FSX files are located, deleting other outside applications that have noting to do with FSX) and as yet non have yielded success, so I am hoping that this will be the fix, because it is highly frustrating that you get a random, irrecoverable crash well into a long haul flight, and you have no option but to start again! (I am using PRO-ATC/X which has a save function but no auto-save function like FSUIPC so if a crash happens during a flight I can't just load up an autosave and continue on).


Curious to know if anyone else has experienced an issue like mine above, or even have any other input. If any would like to have a look at the crash logs to dig further then let me know and I will be happy to pin them here for you.



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