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Seemingly Strange Behavior - Normal or Abnormal?

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During a short flight, I failed the Main Bus 1, got the EICAS messages and performed the non-normal checklists ( 2 of them - one for the bus itself and one for the L DEM PUMP).  Set up for the ILS with the A/P flying and got LAND 3 annunciated in green.  At 1,000 ft AGL, disconnected the A/P and hand flew the rest of the approach to touchdown.


On touchdown, the autobrakes engaged, but once all wheels were on the ground, a slew of EICAS messages popped up, including NO LAND 3, AUTOBRAKE (and the autobrakes disconnected), ALTITUDE CALLOUTS, FUEL PRESSURE ENG L, HEAT PITOT L, etc.  Associated amber lights were also illuminated on the overhead panel (these were not on in the air).


Why did all these pop up only when the aircraft was on the ground?  At first I figured that some messages may have been inhibited in the air, but things like NO LAND 3 did not make sense, particularly when I had a green LAND 3 annunciated on approach.  Also, not getting and AUTOBRAKE message in the air but having it pop up on touchdown and the autobrakes disconnecting could catch the pilots unaware.  I'm having a hard time believing that this is prototypical.


Rushad E.

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