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  1. Aamir mentions a forum area for verified customers. Where can that forum area be found? Could not find it on their website. Thanks, Rush
  2. At the risk of a dumb question, how does one install this scenery? The downloaded file is called "EYVI Vilnius Intl v1.6.0_FJjSL.rar". Where do I go from here? Double-clicking on it does not do anything. Thanks, Rush
  3. Thanks Greg. I was able to solve the problem by physically deleting all the FBW folders and reinstalling the aircraft. R
  4. After a recent FBW update, the FBW A320 is missing in the sim. I can select the aircraft from the selection menu, but I cannot see the aircraft in the sim - no cockpit, no instruments, no airplane - just the scenery. I uninstalled the aircraft using the FBW app and then reinstalled, but no joy. I am using the Dev version. Any ideas on what the issue might be and how to rectify? Any help appreciated. Thanks, Rushad
  5. Hi Pierre, were you able to check in the simple external view? Would be interested in learning what you found out. Thanks!
  6. I would mention it, but for some reason, I can only read the Discord page but cannot post.
  7. I do not have the Fenix A320 (yet), but in looking at some videos, it appears that the direction of the ailerons and spoilers is reversed. By that I mean that the spoilers and the ailerons go up on the up-going wing instead of the down-going wing. This can be seen clearly in the following video: Fenix A320 Olympic Air Flight OAL12B from Zakinthos (LGZA) to Preveza (LGPZ) - YouTube at around 5:16 as well as at 6:40. Is this a known issue? I have not heard it mentioned anywhere else, hence the question. Thanks, R.E.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, Gordon. I too was leaning in that direction. R
  9. I am looking for recommendations for a suitable device for controlling the camera in MSFS2020. I'd like the device to have a few buttons to which I can program specific views (internal and external), as well as joysticks for doing, say, a walkaround. Thinking that I would need 5 degrees of freedom - X, Y and Z translation, look up/down rotation and look left/right rotation. Any recommendations for a controller appreciated. Thanks, Rushad
  10. Thanks, I did see that on their forum. However, I was expecting to see the same runway numbers (right or wrong) in MSFS and in Navigraph Charts as I thought that information was coming from the same source (Navigraph). But it looks like the runway information is not from the Navigraph source?
  11. I have used the Navigraph Navdata Center to update the database in MSFS to 2203. However, I find that the information shown in MSFS is different from what I see in Navigraph (even in the in-game charts, which is updated). E.g., in Barcelona (LEBL), the runways in Navigraph are shown as 26L, 26R,06L and 06R. In the World Map in MSFS, they are shown as 25L, 25R, 07L and 07R. Am I missing some step(s) in updating the MSFS database? Thanks, RE
  12. Thanks everyone for all the info. Very glad to hear that things are moving along. Rush
  13. Their last update on their website was on October 8, with the next update scheduled for October 22. They had been quite regular with their updates and feature reviews since they came out, so I'm hoping that the radio silence for more than the past month is because they are busy working on the product. I'm not on their Discord forum, so don't know if they have posted any information there. Here's hoping they are still moving forward with their product. Regards, Rush
  14. Some knobs on the autopilot glare shield panel can be pushed or pulled (in addition to rotate). In the online tutorials, I see that when the mouse cursor is hovered over the knob, there is either an up or down arrow corresponding to a push or pull action, depending on where the cursor is hovered. I however, do not see the up or down arrows. When I hover over the knob, it turns blue and cursor changes to a hand. No matter where I hover, I do not see the up or down arrows. Is there a setting somewhere I need to change to get the push/pull action on the knobs? Appreciate any guidance. Thanks, Rushad
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