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Time Compression on the Fritz & PFPX

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Hello PMDG 777 Pilots,


I have two issues, almost completely unrelated, but I didn't want to waste forum space with two separate topics. So anyway, here goes... Issue one is the more important one in my opinion. The issue is in regards to auto time compression. I appreciate the feature a lot, and having recently solved the issue of 4x< loading, I would like to solve this last one. Simply put the aircraft never seems to want to speed up, or when it does it's only for a couple of seconds. As I write this my T7 is flying over the Indian Ocean, in a straight line for tens/hundreds of miles, with no AI, minimal weather from the looks of it, and it's not speeding up whatsoever. Not even to 2x. And it hasn't for the duration of the flight. I understand that the aircraft doesn't want to "lose control", however I manually changed to 16x speed, with no issue at all, until the upcoming turn at which I realize the time compression should be off. Is there a way to increase the tolerance of "unstable conditions" in the sim? 


My second issue is only that I have heard that PFPX can export winds aloft data to the T7, and I'm not quite sure how, or if it can yet.


Any help is greatly appreciated!







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To answer about the winds, in the two most recent updates for PFPX the option was added to let u export winds to the 777.. So all you have to do is create your flight plan and once its done go to the export tab and their should be an option for the PMDG Wind Export (something along those lines), its right near the other PMDG route file export buttons, u first export a route file and then the wx data file... U load your route into the FMC through route request then activate it. Go to the legs page then click the lower right hand LSK which should say "RTE Data" then click "WX Request" and you'll have to click the "EXEC" button for everything to go through. Thats basically all thats too it!

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