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problem with B772 jbpanel and simconnect

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Hello all,


Some time ago I installed a posky Boeing 772 with the jbpanel, which is really great and better than, say, the justflight/wilco 777.  This is a link to the plane:



Unfortunately, since quite some time, it stopped working and comes up with some nasty messages on the PFD


failed to load b777serv.dll


check simconnect 10.0.61259


check mscvr90.dll


I'm on windows xp sp3


I completely uninstalled sdk and then installed it back on. My FSX version is 10.0.61472 which corresponds with SP2. That's correct cause I have sp2 installed. In my fsx dir I see a simconnect.dll which has a version 10.0.61355 which seems to correspond with fsx sp1. 


In my windows\Winsxs folder there are 3 folders relating to simconnect. They have these version numbers

- 10.0.60905 <- in this folder is a simconnect.dll with version 10.0.60905

- 10.0.61242 <- in this folder is a simconnect.dll with version 10.0.61355

- 10.0.61259 <- in this folder is a simconnect.dll with version 10.0.61637


I ran simconnect debug and created a log. It says that the simconnect verion is 61259 which is what my Boeing wants

However, the log also says it cannot load the file "Modules\jb777_fmc.dll"

More specifically it says load failed error=-3 but I couldn't find anything about this error


This dll file is needed for the 777 to work, and it's there in the modules folder... but why it couldn't be loaded is beyond me. I even replaced it with a copy from the original download in case it would be corrupted or something.


the aforementioned dll file is referenced in the dll.xml 


In the same folder is also jb777loader.dll and b777serv.dll so all the files that it needs are there! 


Now, the questions here are:


- which simconnect.dll is actually relevant here? I

- Is simconnect even the problem? In the simconnect log it says 10.0.61259 and so it says in the fshostclient.exe window so it looks like this is the version in use? the versions are such a mess?

- would a higher logging level for the simconnect debug make any sense, and if so how do i set it? now its verbose

- did anyone else have this problem and how did they solve it?


Last friday I actually bought the captainsim 777 but that doesn't work either so now back to trying to fix this issue :(


oh, and fsxautosave also doesn't work which might have to do with the simconnect issue (I saw a thread in this forum about it) but didnt have the opportunity to look at the specific error messages. 

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The errors you quote also refer to msvcr90.dll.

This is the runtime library from the Visual Studio C++ 2008 redistributable package.

You might try (re)installing that package.



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I had a 2005, 2008 and 2010 vcredit on my pc. Uninstalled all of them and installed the 2008 one. This did not help.


After some troubleshooting (until 3 AM, sigh) I found out I have a problem with WinSxS aka sidebyside. Every time I start my fsx I get three events in my system event viewer:


eventid 32: dependent assembly simconnect could not be found and last error was the referenced assembly is not installed on the system


eventid 59: resolve partial assembly failed for simconnect references error message the referenced assembly is not installed on the system


eventid 59: generate activation context failed for f:\fsx\modules\jb77_fmc.dll reference error message the operation completed succesfully


I also have this issue with other add-ons like the captainsim 777, 727 and the freemium 757, where I get events about their respective dll's in the event viewer.


I guess that having multiple simconnect folders in the winsxs causes xp to be confused about which dll to use?


I'd really like to know how to fix this! Anyone has experience with this issue on XP? 

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Doug I LOVE YOU!  ;)


The thread you referenced has solved my problem, on which I spent probably 8 hours of brain-breaking!


In the end the solution was this simple (distilled from the thread to save people going through the whole thing)


1. In the \windows\WinSxS delete the three folders that have "simconnect" in it, or move them somewhere else. I guess some may have 1 or 2 or 3 depending on their system, I had three

2. Go to \FSXroot\SDK\core utilities kit\simconnect sdk\lib and execute the simconnect.msi

3 Now you should have a new folder in your winsxs folder with simconnect in the name, and the issue should be fixed. It was for me!


thanks again to all who took note of my problem :)

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