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  1. If you have not done so, try enabling write caching on the drive(s) where Windows and P3D are installed. Doug
  2. Backup the stock Beech aircraft if you want them - they are no longer included in the sim
  3. Using the addon.xml method lets you add scenery (or anything else for that matter) without directly editing the relevant config files. This is seen as a good thing because it means that the config files don't get messed up by users who think they know more than they actually do. It also means that if you uninstall the sim, and reinstall, the stuff referenced by the addon.xml file will be loaded in your new installation without any further effort on your part.
  4. Shouldn't be all that complicated I presume there is an SDK for VoiceAttack. I see the program itself is pretty cheap - I'll have a look.
  5. Probably best asked in the PMDG support forum. See if they have an SDK that provides that info.
  6. The 64 bit version of the config gauge is available on my website: dsd_p3d_xml_config_x64 Doug
  7. Try reducing the sampling rate to 20 kHz. 96000 is beyond overkill.
  8. There is functionality within the PDK to allow notification when an avatar is attached or detached. I will investigate this to see if it is any more reliable than SimConnect. Doug
  9. This is the expected behaviour. If you have more than one exit to control, you need for the number key to not be captured by the ATC Window.
  10. Get yourself a one month developer subscription for each. See how they run on that setup. If it is OK, you could get purchase a full license for whichever version you wish. I think Anders is right, the 4Gb of memory is going to be the biggest limitation. That, along with the typically terrible hard drive performance on "consumer" notebooks, is going to make for a very poor overall experience. Doug
  11. I think MilViz used the underlying sound library in their own gauge, rather than using the sound gauge itself. If that is the case, then this gauge won't change the behaviour of the PA30. You'll have to check with MV. Doug
  12. I think this version will solve the problem: www.douglassdawson.ca/files/dsd_p3d_xml_sound_x64 v1.2.zip The sound gauge is being loaded from the aircraft's panel folder, so navigate to the panel folder and replace the version of the gauge you find there with the version in the archive. Also, you will need to drill down into the sound folder located within the panel folder. There you will find the configuration file, sound.ini, that the gauge is using. Replace it with the version in the archive. To explain the change, the previous versions of the sound gauge did not allow for sounds to continue playing if FS lost focus. I have now made this optional, although the previous behaviour is still the default, so that this version of the gauge will not change the behaviour of add-ons using previous versions of the gauge. The entry in the sound.ini file: MuteOnLostFocus=0 will allow sounds to continue playing even if P3D is no longer the window with focus. If I can figure out how to get the current setting out of P3D, I'll update the gauge to do this automatically, but in the mean time, you can make this change manually and get the experience you are looking for. Doug Edit: When it is loaded the gauge now reads the Mute On Lost Focus setting from the Prepar3D.cfg file, so you don't have to modify the sound.ini file - just drop the new gauge into the aircraft's panel folder. The setting in the .ini file does still work however, if you want to override the default setting retrieved from P3D.
  13. I'll look into this. I haven't looked at the underlying DirectSound stuff in a while, but I think this can be configured when you initialize DirectSound. It is a sound gauge "issue". Doug
  14. I use the Logitech software to run mine. A couple of things: Make sure Windows has not decided that these devices should be turned off to save power. (Control Panel settings) Right click on the executable to check properties. Make sure it is not, repeat not, configured to run as admin. If it is, and you're not running FS as admin, then FS will not be able to start the program, even if it is properly set up in exe.xml. These things are pigs when it comes to power usage. Check the rating for each of them (500 mA each, if I recall.) Check what your hub is rated to supply. Doug
  15. If you still have the installer files for an earlier V4 release, you can probably extract the requisite files from the content cab file.
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