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  1. I use the Logitech software to run mine. A couple of things: Make sure Windows has not decided that these devices should be turned off to save power. (Control Panel settings) Right click on the executable to check properties. Make sure it is not, repeat not, configured to run as admin. If it is, and you're not running FS as admin, then FS will not be able to start the program, even if it is properly set up in exe.xml. These things are pigs when it comes to power usage. Check the rating for each of them (500 mA each, if I recall.) Check what your hub is rated to supply. Doug
  2. If you still have the installer files for an earlier V4 release, you can probably extract the requisite files from the content cab file.
  3. ddawson

    Help Please Difficult FSX Problem

    Just to clarify... The configuration utility only affects gauges using my wrapper for DirectSound. It won't change where FS's own sounds are being played. The gauge does work directly with DirectSound, so unless configured otherwise, will play to the default Windows sound and voice devices, even if you have chosen other sound devices for FSX itself. Doug
  4. ddawson

    Help Please Difficult FSX Problem

    Try running FS in windowed mode. If the gauge is not finding the sound files, you will get a message box telling you so. If you're running full screen, the gauge won't be able to create the message box.
  5. ddawson

    Help Please Difficult FSX Problem

    The configuration utility is straightforward to use. Just run it and select the sound devices you want to use. It will tell you where it has written the configuration information you have chosen. Make a note of it, and if you don't like the results, you can delete the configuration file. Doug
  6. ddawson

    Quick spadnext question

    You're not doing anything wrong. When you load an aircraft, there is no guaranty that the physical switches on the Saitek panel will match up with the logical values in FS. It sounds like SpadNext doesn't continually read the values on the switch panel, but rather reacts when something changes. When this happens for the first time in a session, it will send all the events required to sync all the values in FS with the positions of the switches on the Saitek panel. Just for fun, turn all the lights on using the Saitek panel, then turn them all off using the switches in the aircraft's VC or 2D panel. Then toggle any one of the Saitek light switches off and then back on again. I'm guessing that all the lights will come back on; again, to match the positions of the Saitek switches.
  7. Version 1.0 now available for trial, for anyone that is interested http://www.douglassdawson.ca/files/dsd_fsx_mouse_throttle.zip
  8. It will be easy enough to cook up a gauge that will capture the mouse wheel and send throttle events. Stay tuned...
  9. ddawson

    What I need is...

    LM do have a sub-forum for feature requests. Never hurts to ask...
  10. Further to this, If you look here: http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/sdk/add-ons/add-on_configuration_files.html there is a good deal of documentation on how to add stuff to P3D using the command line. For example, I used the following two commands to add separate search directories for aircraft and for gauges: Prepar3D.exe "-Configure: Category=SimObjects, Operation=Add, Path=M:\p3d_aircraft" Prepar3D.exe "-Configure: Category=Gauges, Operation=Add, Path=M:\p3d_gauges" When you add a search directory using this method, it will be added to the top of the search list - it will be searched before any other path. These two particular choices (gauges and aircraft) are handy for stuff that ordinarily wouldn't have an installer program to set up the .xml file for you. You can add search directories for virtually everything using this method.
  11. ddawson

    Autopilot Altitude Arm - button - FSUIPC ?

    If you're using FSUIPC, the controls you want to select are either Ap Alt Hold or Ap Panel Altitude Hold The first will cause the aircraft to maintain its current altitude. The second will command the aircraft to climb or descend to the altitude currently selected on the autopilot.,
  12. ddawson

    Creating a Batch File for Win10

    It really is worth learning how to use the command line options for P3D http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/sdk/add-ons/add-on_configuration_files.html You can add search directories for just about anything, as well as adding stuff to exe.xml and dll.xml, all without jerking around with xml files. Doug
  13. ddawson

    Realair Duke v2 Piston in P3D v4

    Yes, See my response in the BN-2 thread, here: The only caveate is that sound volume can be controlled dynamically with gauge code, so the volume you choose may possibly be overridden by the xml gauges or xml code within the aircraft's VC. Doug
  14. ddawson

    cGaugeSoundClass Error

    cGaugeSoundClasss is the wrapper I wrote for DirectSound. It's used in the various editions of my xml sound gauge. The failure is occurring when the gauge tries to initiate the voice communication device. Check in the sound control panel applet to make sure there are no issues with whichever device you have configure for voice communications. The gauge will cheerfully fall back to using the sound device if it is the only device on the system. Doug
  15. The short answer is yes, SimConnect is designed to work that way - with different versions installed on the same computer. Each program or gauge that uses Simconnect knows which version it is looking for and will load that particular one. You will not be overwriting a new version with an old one. Doug