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  1. ddawson

    Creating a Batch File for Win10

    It really is worth learning how to use the command line options for P3D http://www.prepar3d.com/SDKv4/sdk/add-ons/add-on_configuration_files.html You can add search directories for just about anything, as well as adding stuff to exe.xml and dll.xml, all without jerking around with xml files. Doug
  2. ddawson

    Realair Duke v2 Piston in P3D v4

    Yes, See my response in the BN-2 thread, here: The only caveate is that sound volume can be controlled dynamically with gauge code, so the volume you choose may possibly be overridden by the xml gauges or xml code within the aircraft's VC. Doug
  3. ddawson

    cGaugeSoundClass Error

    cGaugeSoundClasss is the wrapper I wrote for DirectSound. It's used in the various editions of my xml sound gauge. The failure is occurring when the gauge tries to initiate the voice communication device. Check in the sound control panel applet to make sure there are no issues with whichever device you have configure for voice communications. The gauge will cheerfully fall back to using the sound device if it is the only device on the system. Doug
  4. The short answer is yes, SimConnect is designed to work that way - with different versions installed on the same computer. Each program or gauge that uses Simconnect knows which version it is looking for and will load that particular one. You will not be overwriting a new version with an old one. Doug
  5. You can specify a lower volume in the configuration file. By default, the sounds play at full volume. You can specify an attenuation, in hundredths of decibels, by adding a value to the entry for the sound, in the configuration file: Sound01=.\Sound\DeadPixl\SND11.wav ///sound plays at full volume Sound01=.\Sound\DeadPixl\SND11.wav, -500 ///sound is reduced by 5 decibels Given the names used for the sounds, you will likely have to do some experimenting, but it is possible. Doug
  6. ddawson

    Realair Duke v2 Piston in P3D v4

    Yes, because the entry in panel.cfg is explicit, you can put the gauge in the main gauges folder. If your panel.cfg looks like this: gauge21=RASDuke_Sound64!Sound, 1,1,2,2,Sound/RASDuke_Sound.ini then the gauge must go in the panel folder. Also, when searching for gauges, P3D looks in the gauges folder first and then in the aircraft's panel folder. This behaviour is the opposite of that of FSX. This can be problematic with gauges using a config file. Doug
  7. ddawson

    Realair Duke v2 Piston in P3D v4

    Ryan, Could you post the panel.cfg entry for the gauge? Also, let me know where the folder of sounds for the panel is (probably within the panel folder.) Doug
  8. ddawson

    Realair Duke v2 Piston in P3D v4

    The CLS products use an older version of the sound gauge, with a different interface. You'll be in pretty tough trying to update them to work with the 64 bit sound gauge.
  9. ddawson

    Realair Duke v2 Piston in P3D v4

    It may be more work than most users are inclined to put into it, but you can edit the configuration file for the sound gauge to use explicit paths for the sounds, something like: Sound00=c:\p3d_aircraft\RealAir_Duke\panel\sound\KEYPRESS_ANNUN.wav, -200 You can do the same thing with the panel.cfg entry for the gauge: gauge21=RealAir_Sound_x64!Sound, 1,1,2,2, c:\p3d_aircraft\RealAir_Duke\panel\Sound\RASDukeTv2_Sound.ini The reason outfits like RealAir don't do that is that they can't know where your FS installation will be. You of course do know that, so, if you wish, you can make the edits to the configuration files to include the specific path references. The examples above are just that, examples. You will of course need to modify them to reflect the paths where the files are actually found on your computer. Doug
  10. ddawson

    The device you never knew you needed - Infinitton ?

    I have a Logitech G13, which gives you more keys, for less money. The downside of the G13 is that the buttons are just conventional buttons, they don't have the ability to display a bitmap. I've been in the process of slowly developing a custom FS interface for the G13, to support FS commands directly, rather than through mapped keystrokes. I might look at doing the same with this beast, as the ability to display an image on the button does look intriguing. Doug
  11. ddawson

    Just Flight DC-10

    Don't waste your time. The CLS products use an absolutely antique sound gauge, with a different interface. I haven't looked at the code for that one in 7 or 8 years, so really wasn't planning on updating it. Doug
  12. From the cpt.icons gauge: <Click>500 (&gt;K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE)</Click> The ident value from the panel window description in panel.cfg has to match the value you are sending to the PANEL_ID_TOGGLE function. In this case, your panel window has to have an ident value of 500, or you need to change the code, as quoted above, to match the ident value in panel.cfg. Note that you cannot use the text macro values you sometimes see in panel.cfg as ident values in xml code. This will not work: <Click>THROTTLE_PANEL (&gt;K:PANEL_ID_TOGGLE)</Click> Doug
  13. ddawson

    Utility, add-on question

    Well, not quite. I can build you a gauge that will make noise when vertical speed exceeds some predetermined threshold. You would have to turn it off during climb out and descent, or it would get pretty annoying, pretty quickly.
  14. ddawson

    Autopilot/Radio stack

    The autopilot will not function unless there is an autopilot section in the aircraft.cfg file. You can copy that from the stock Cessna file as well. Doug