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  1. What I proposed is using SF3D cloud MODEL which is absent from the Envtex. Envtex is for cloud TEXTURES only. Therefore I don’t think they will overlap with each other.
  2. Having used SF3D for cloud textures and models, and the ASCA for dynamic sky colours for almost a year, I feel that Envtex clouds combined with ASCA better suit my personal flavour. I have read the tutorial for combining all of these programs for sim, but I am just thinking of whether I can make good use the REX cloud MODELS but using ENVTEX clouds with ASCA integration. I can’t see this combination in the tutorial therefore I am curious about its practicability. Cloud Model: REX SF3D Cloud Textures: Envtex (integrated w/ ASCA) Sky Colours: Envtex (integrated w/ ASCA) Anson
  3. I am now using a 24” 1080p 60Hz monitor placed on my computer desk, while planning to buy a 27” 4K 60Hz Dell Ultrasharp. The PPI of the latter is much higher than the former, I wonder if I could lower my anti-aliasing which is now set to 8xMSAA for better performance.
  4. How is your frame rate? Do you see noticeable improvement after downscaling to 1440p?
  5. May I know your spec and approximately how much frame rate do you get on average? My system is able to run P3D at average 50-60fps only at 1080p. If airport scenery is new and sophisticated while clouds are abundant, it will drop to 20-30 fps. Therefore I worry about the performance at 4K. Anson
  6. Hi all, I now have a GTX1080Ti and i9-9900K with a 1080p monitor. I would like to replace the monitor with a DELL 4K monitor for better text-reading and web-browsing etc. However, it is almost impossible to run P3D at 4K with decent FPS with bunches of add-ons like PMDG, ASP4, and REX SF3D. Therefore I am curious about how P3D looks and performs when the resolution is set 1080P on a 4K monitor. Thanks, Anson
  7. Thanks you guys! I just completed the client update without content as the previous version was HF1. However, I think I may update the content in the next update. Before I uninstalled the HF1, I started TomatoShade and restored default shaders which had been backed up.
  8. The floating object believably has been addressed by installing v4.5 HF2. No, I don’t use any. I reviewed the Prepar3D.cfg and noticed that it had been set to 9. I thought my GTX1080Ti with 11GB memory was sufficient to handle 2048 textures but the issue still came to existence...
  9. Hi all, When updating only the client from HF1 to HF2, what extra steps should be taken for add-ons like the following? • Orbx sceneries • TomatoShade and reflection profiles • GSX Anson
  10. My card is factory overclocked. But it has never brought me issues even in other performance intensive addon sceneries. That’s why I think it is so strange to happen. Btw, do you have any clue of solving the floating object issue of this particular scenery?
  11. Sorry I can't recall the exact same error description. But it was something like "GTX1080Ti has stopped working...". Now I wonder if texture_size_exp=10 contributes to issue. I will revert that back to 9 to see whether issue is solved
  12. Hi all, For those who own the new version of ImagineSim WSSS, have you ever encountered display card INOP issue when flying into/out of the airport? To me, the performance (i.e. FPS) is OK, but yesterday in preflight stage P3D suddenly showed a message of display card INOP, and prompted me to choose continue (may not work properly) or quit. This is the only add-on scenery where I have experienced this issue. I wonder if you guys have any tips, workaround or solutions, like to disable an performance intensive option in ops centre 🙂 Thanks, Anson CPU: i9-9900K GPU: GTX1080Ti 11GB
  13. Thank you very much! Problem solved 🙂
  14. I already verified AU v2 by FTX Central 3. Should I do so for FTX Global & OpenLC Europe (believably not related to Australia...)
  15. Update: I think the issue is associated with FTXAU48_CUSTOM. Firstly, I disabled all AU related entries in scenery library. After doing this, the issue is gone. Secondly, I enabled them one by one and saw if the issue came back. The issue came back just after I enabled FTXAU48_CUSTOM back. In other words, With everything checked = black textures With everything checked except FTXAU48_CUSTOM = no black textures
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