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  1. Bear in mind that Win7 Home Premium cannot use more than 16GB of RAM. I learned that after building a new PC with 32GB. Windows 10 Home will use up to 128GB.
  2. You don't say exactly what you have done, so it's hard to be specific. It sounds like you have retained the existing Pro Flight controller and just connected the aileron and elevator potentiometers to the Bodnar board. Or perhaps you have retained the old controller to manage the buttons. Regardless, I can't see how there should be any problem if you have completely disconnected the pots from the old board. If there was an incompatibility between the Saitek yoke and the Bodnar board it would have been long discovered, I would have thought. Regarding having lost the throttle quad, you could just connect the throttle axes to the Bodnar board too, as it has more than enough analogue inputs. In my experience you would have to lose the buttons on the quads, as the switches are very difficult to unsolder. But your axes should work fine.
  3. Assuming I want to use the virtual cockpit or an outside view across three monitors, can P3Dv4 do this: ---------------- | | ---------------- | screen | ---------------- | || || | | screen | ---------------- | screen | | | | | ---------------- ---------------- And (hence) this: ---------------- | | ----------- | screen | ----------- | || || | | | ---------------- | | | screen | | screen | | | | | | | | | ----------- ----------- If anyone has tried X-Plane 11 with multiple screens (not nvidia Surround), I basically want to know if P3D can be made to behave the same.
  4. You can easily do this in LINDA (or just Lua), since the ON-OFF-ON positions are detectable as three separate states. You will need to track which state you're coming from to know how to interpret the OFF state, but that should be trivial.
  5. This is a very disappointing product. It looks nicer than the previous one on the inside (I haven't looked at the outside) and flies about the same, which is to say like a stable generic twin turboprop with no obvious vices. There are almost no systems modelled and the autopilot is only half-implemented. If you want a Twin Otter for XP-11 you don't have much choice, but if you're looking for challenge or for the reward of managing the aircraft systems you will need to look elsewhere.
  6. Best guess is it's a multiple mapping conflict rather than a hardware problem. Your setup is not that unusual and there is no problem using more than one USB quad with FSUIPC. Since you mention throttles specifically, you probably know there are two ways to set up the throttles - one using the individual throttles (throttle1, throttle2, etc) and one using the generic 'throttle' mappings. Are you sure you are not mixing these up in some way? It would only take one rogue erroneous throttle mapping to upset all the throttles. Likewise props and/or mixtures.
  7. Except he's not sure That said, it looks like com.gethidbuttons() (FSUIPC Lua function) returns up to 256 button states, so you're probably okay.
  8. Yes, but since LINDA is built on FSUIPC I am wondering which of FSUIPC's limitations it might inherit.
  9. You need to make sure you can use the BBI-64 to its full potential. As far as I know FSUIPC only support 32 buttons per HID.
  10. The yoke has a two-way (fore-aft) rocker switch on the left horn and a two-way (left-right) rocker switch on the right horn. And a push-button under each forefinger. That's it. It can emulate the functions of a hat switch by holding the left push-button and moving the rocker switches, but that's not the same as the real thing.
  11. TH2Go makes no difference to that. Regardless of whether you use TH2Go or nvidia Surround you are creating a single monitor as far as Windows (and FSX) is concerned. Either way you need to set WideViewAspect to give you enough zoom range. [Dammit, too slow :) ]
  12. Settings/Graphics/Wide-view Aspect Ratio I predict that this conversation will now follow a familiar trajectory :)
  13. Check out the datasheet links for the encoders on the Leo Bodnar site, such as the one on this page.
  14. IMHO force feedback would only be worth it for very active contact flying, even if it worked well. I don't have a Brunner but I have had the Iris and yoke and the effects stand or fall on how well the control forces are integrated into the sim. With the Iris it simply wasn't worth the trouble, adding minimal if any value for me. And I do like to fly GA and small strips. I went from that Iris to a Yoko and the difference was night and day. The Yoko is a superlative 'dumb' yoke, while the Iris is a mediocre 'smart' yoke. Perhaps the Brunner is so good that it out-does everything, but I can't see it. For my money, the Yoko is the way to go. Is it 'worth' $1000? That's a meaningless question. But as a controller it is far, far better than the CH. The only downside some might consider is that it doesn't have many buttons (6). You can see video reviews of the Yoko, Iris, Saitek, Saitek Cessna, CH Eclipse and Elite yokes on my YT channel. P.S. If you live in the UK I can sell you an Elite yoke ;)