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  1. In the UK at least, the CC company is jointly liable and you can hold them accountable by law, with no time limit, under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. (This is a separate protection to the 120-day chargeback.) Just Google ‘section 75 refund’ or go to one of the consumer advice web sites for advice. Not sure if there’s any equivalent in Canada 😐
  2. You could always click the ‘or pay with a credit or debit card’ option 😬
  3. The Yoko is by far the best yoke I have ever owned*. Assessing purely as a two-axis controller, there are few other products to touch it. It scores over the cheap yokes (and the not-so-cheap Brunner NG) with a much longer travel, but the smoothness and weighty feel also amount to a massive improvement. My only real criticism is the standard clamp isn't really adequate, so you need to screw it down or buy the big clamp (which is expensive!) You can watch my Yoko reviews below. If you can spring for the Yoko+ it has updated sensors, and if you have money to burn the experimental (currently limited edition) Yoko Neo has more roll travel and a leather grip! People have compared the Yoko with the Fulcrum, although there were some build criticisms of the Fulcrums (I have not tried one) and they are currently back-ordered. I would not count the Brunner FFB yokes as competitors, they are a fundamentally different thing. (*Saitek Pro Flight, Saitek Pro Flight Cessna, CH Eclipse, Elite, Iris Dragonfly, Honeycomb Alpha.)
  4. I concur, for any given zoom factor the (virtual) vertical FoV is constant regardless of the aspect ratio of the monitor. (This is how FSX and P3D behave when the 'WideViewAspect' parameter is set to True in either of those applications.) I talk about that in this video:
  5. Maybe helpful to re-share this. (Since making this I saw a link to someone's custom scenery that you can use instead of Edwards AFB!)
  6. I see, I will have to try that. I remember that P3D and X-Plane have X/Y/Z offsets in the setup as well as rotations, so maybe this is what's needed.
  7. I don't know what you mean by 'the focus of the sim'. Maybe I just don't understand what you are trying to achieve.
  8. You can certainly set the monitor angles independently. But if what you're trying to do is move the eyepoint left or right I don't think you need different angles, surely you just need to move the eyepoint?
  9. I wonder what you mean by 'properly'? The multi-screen support works fine right now, with a few constraints if you want to mix screens of different sizes. Have a look at this video.
  10. Yes, I groaned too until I saw it was from Russ Barlow. Russ is always worth listening too - he has the credentials and has contributed a lot to the sim, particularly his videos about VR and about cockpit building. Not to mention contributing a boatload of free stuff to Sim Innovations. Oh, and inventing the Knobster.
  11. I have three cockpit views: a central 3840 x 1024 (on a TH2GO), with two outlying 1080p screens in portrait mode. I am experimenting with running the outer screens in 720p to keep the tota lpixel count under 6Mp. I also have my GPS in a fourth window on its own screen.
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