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  1. Aerosoft made it clear to testers that sounds were WIP right up to the release date. Some reviewers did comment on the sounds in a benign way, mostly by saying they were WIP. The sounds are much better now than they were at release, so it seems to me that some of the more damning comments here must be referring to how they were at release, which we can all agree wasn't great.
  2. Since nobody has mentined it, make sure you don't have rudder assist turned on. This sometimes turns itself on and it auto-centres the rudder whenever you deflect it from the middle.
  3. This is the one that worked for me.
  4. It ain't broke, so there's nothing to fix. You forgot to mention the Tobii costs 50% more than TrackIR, has a 25% narrower FoV and its 6DOF software is still experimental. And if you want eye tracking you're limited to a 27" screen.
  5. The simulated prop drag is significant - STOL landings were bad enough even before SU8, then it got worse. I've yet to decide if the 'spoiler' fudge fixes the short landings, but they're trying! And fixing instrument pop-outs plugged a gaping hole.
  6. But it's a different product unrelated to the Orbx P3D version 😐
  7. Presumably because it's a different product unrelated to the Orbx P3D version.
  8. Never heard of PIT mode but the default KAP140 defaults to VS mode and is supposed to capture the extant VS when activating the autopilot. It doesn't, it behaves like the OP describes. You can fix it with a bit of tap-dancing if you have one of the programming add-ons. I used SPAD.neXt., as shown in this video.
  9. Those are not the paid-for Twin Otter panels. Unfortunately you can't edit the payware panels, but rumour has it that someone is working on updating the Twin Otter ones for MSFS.
  10. Au contraire. In the fhe first video he makes two small adjustments to power at around 1:50 and 2:19 with no noticeable change of engine note pitch. In the second video, same deal at 4:11. Yes, there are gross changes of pitch with power elsewhere but these are all likely below the governed range of the props. And as I said, the Aerosoft Twin Otter also behaves broadly like this.
  11. Do you really hear any turbine noise above the sound of the props?
  12. Surely this is exactly how it's supposed to behave? It has constant-speed propellers, so the pitch of the engine note will only change with the RPM. This varies with the power levers until the RPM enters the governed range and then only with the prop levers above that. This is what I see and hear in the sim.
  13. The main restriction with the iPad version is that it's not possible to create your own gauges. The real power of Air Manager is that it's completely open, which means you can create any gauge you want from scratch, with no complex tools and relatively little technical expertise. But you can only do this with the desktop version.
  14. No (but...) You won't be using the button repeat functionality with an encoder wheel, so the delay is not a factor. You are sending instead a string of very short button presses. On the other hand, this means your trimming will be very slow because each trim movement is tiny. The sim initially had acceleration in the trim controls, which means if you called them quickly enough in succession the trim would speed up. I'm not sure if that's still there (there were issues with acceleration). The solution I use for my trim wheel (also an encoder) is to send five seperate trim commands for every pulse (button press) from the trim wheel. Unfortunately you won't be able to do this from MSFS, you will need a third-party tool such as SPAD.neXt or FSUIPC*. (*There is also this utility, which is getting good reports, although I have not tried it.)
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