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  1. MarkDH

    Can't automate NAV1 ident

    Thanks. I tried turning on 'use simulator GPS commands' and if I use the GPS_ACTIVATE_BUTTON instead of the keystroke that works correctly. I'm not sure if it responds to the speaker panel, I didn't try that yet.
  2. MarkDH

    Can't automate NAV1 ident

    Okay, thanks. I am running P3Dv4. I will try it out later today.
  3. MarkDH

    Can't automate NAV1 ident

    Yes, but as I said, using the keyboard shortcuts doesn't seem to work properly for me because once the ident is activated there seems to be no way to shut it off, even by pressing the button with the mouse. 'Just'? Do the keyboard shortcuts remain active if you enable the standard commands?
  4. I am trying to automate the NAV1 ident function. I have tried variously using a keyboard shortcut and setting the 'rxp.radios.nav_1' Lvar but whichever way I find that once the ident is on, it won't switch off even of the "id" indicator goes off the display. I also tried setting the 'rxp.GNS_530_1.knob_volm' Lvar to just change the volume up and down but I can't seem to write to that Lvar successfully. I also note that the ident doesn't seem to be inhibited by the P3D speaker panel settings. I would appreciate some hints on getting this to work. I am assuming it is late functionality as not all the Lvars are documented in the manual.
  5. MarkDH

    Twin Otter HDG hold fix

    This is just a little fix to the Twin Otter Extended module. I noticed (eventually) that the behaviour of the HDG hold function is inconsistent with how it works in the VC and also with the real-world AP-106 manual. This is because it uses the standard AP_HDG_HOLD toggle function. Evidently that function syncs the heading bug to the current heading before activating HDG hold, which is incorrect behaviour. Using the ON/OFF functions works properly (i.e. without syncing the bug). Here's a version that works properly: function TW_AP_HDG_hold () -- _AP_HDG_HOLD () if ipc.readLvar("FDR_AP_HDG_Mode") == 0 then _AP_HDG_HOLD_ON() else _AP_HDG_HOLD_OFF() end -- ipc.writeLvar("L:AP_HDG_Anim", 1) -- _sleep(50,100) -- ipc.writeLvar("L:AP_HDG_Anim", 0) -- Twotter_Switchsound_2 () end
  6. It seems I can no longer post a comment on a download thread. I fixed a bug in the Twin Otter library but I can't post the fix.
  7. Just guessing, but probably because only one of them is a force feedback yoke
  8. That's not for me to say, I'm just pointing out that this is what we're looking at. If you research electric trims it appears it is often designed this way
  9. I am reminded of the 'up to 11' conversation in This is Spinal Tap
  10. Yes. And it also helps to know that this is two independent switches that you operate simultaneously (note the description of a "2 x 2-way rocker switch"). Once you accept this it's not hard to see how the orientation is 90 degrees different to what you thought it was.
  11. The fov depends on how far away you sit. Assuming 70cm it is about 80 degrees*. This contrasts with the 3-way, which will be about 98 degrees. You can calculate the field of view using this formula: fov = 2 x arctan(w / 2d) (w = width, d = viewing distance) [*I think it is slightly more in principle as the monitor is curved and at 70cm you are inside the radius of the curve (which is 90cm). I don't know how to calculate the difference but drawing it to scale, it looks trivial.]
  12. I'm with you - these switches are like the elevator trim switch on the Beech Baron yoke. If you don't know this type of switch, the Honeycomb schematic looks wrong.
  13. It's because the notion of a 'season' is s simplification. P3D gives you five seasons, which means five alternative texture sets. So there have to be some compromises, particularly when the palette of possible texture tiles to cover the whole world is also limited. If P3D allowed 52 texture sets we'd have a more finely-graded seasonal variation, or 365 textures sets to take it to a logical extreme. Even then it's going to be a generalisation, because season isn't the only variable.
  14. MarkDH

    An unexpected siting

    Sounds like two different issues. One sounds like you're accidentally getting a place-holder texture tile that got left in the product. The other is an elevation issue, which you could try solving for that airport in the Vector control panel.