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I see you have no replies.. You need to get a modeling software.. like FS Design Studio v3.5.1 at least (for FSX models) and learn how to use it. It is quite easy once you have grasped how to get round inside FSDS. Start with a simple 4 sided BOX (not a polygon) The POINT mode combined with MOVE mode allows you to distort the shape of the box however you want it. Its easier though to put in the initial dimensions needed in the pop up window when BOX icon is pressed.. then add texture all sides.(see Part / Textures) Just follow the pop up windows and experiment..  Get co-ordinates for it (File/Project properties) and put it into FSX to see what it looks like.. (see File/ Create FS Object) Then create a triangle polygon and put texture onto it too..  Note that polygons are one sided only.. i.e. when viewed from behind you cannot see them. You can build a very basic hangar from just 6 BOXES and no polygons -3 walls plus a small wall each side of front hangar doorway and 1 extra box for a flat roof.  For a ridged gable roof you need 2 triangular "boxes" (front and back gable) and two rectangle boxes (one for the roof each side of the ridge line)  In FSDS Properties window you have to tick whether crash detection is on or off. For realism you have it ticked as if you hit the outside wall then you obviously crashed.. To get inside it though, you need to create each wall and roof etc each as a separate box and texture both inside and outside and edges of each wall, roof, doors etc. Its a while since I've done it but I think if you join all the separate parts together before compiling the entire hangar across into FSX then you can still get through the doorway without crashing.  Otherwise keep the same co-ordinates, dont join all the parts together, make multiple file copies of the final model and delete all parts except one in each file, (they can all have crash detection ticked ) and then transfer into FSX as individual parts of a hanger. When you go into FSX you should see them all "hanging" together so to speak. But if you put in a floor, crash detection must definately be unticked.   Hint.. when selecting a texture image, you will sometimes see a message that its 24bit and need to convert to either 16 or 32 bit. Say yes to convert, and then go back to Texture folder and select the new image just made. Plus be prepared to spend a lot of time moving and rotating parts to get them all fitting precisely together.(see Move and Rotate icon) but when done you will feel you have accomplished something. After that you will feel tempted to build a more detailed hanger... and so on.

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