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Unable to load FSX

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Hi every body,

Something happens to my fsx.cfg , I do not know  what. I need to rebuild my fsx.cfg or xml files. How I can do that?reinstall ? 


I'm lost snif snif  :(

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Rebuilding the FSX.cfg is actually easy: Simply delete (or better yet: rename) the FSX.cfg, which FYI is located here: C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX (assuming that you use Win Vista/7). FSX will create a new file the next time you start it. It is advisable not to completely delete it, so you have a back up of the old file (e.g. as a reference for re-tweaking).

I am not sure if the same procedure works for *.xml files, but I rather doubt it. In this case I'd suggest you to look whether there is an old (maybe even the original) backup file. Most addons that edit the exe.xml or dll.xml creat a backup of this file prior to editing it, so you can restore those by simply renaming one of those backups to the original file name. In this case it is essential to keep the currently active file as a reference, as you will need to carry all the entries over to a new one: The addons that write in those files need the references made there in order to work properly!


EDIT to add: If you can be more precise about what your actual problem is, some of us might even be able to help you, so you don't necessarily need to rebuild any files.

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