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  1. Thank you very much for your input, advice and the warm welcome back! I'll definitely look into some of the advice, but it's probably going to be baby steps right now. Looking very forward to spending more time on this hobby again!
  2. Hello everybody! Perhaps some of you still remember me, I had to take a long (well, way too long ) break from flight simming, but now as university is nearly done, I am trying to get back again, still stuck with FSX-MS, as I don't want to spend money on a new platform and go through the process of migrating my stuff. Did I miss any great things in the last two years or so that I should probably be aware of? Cheers, Flo
  3. I don't own the Just Flight Airbus, but since their approach is normally a simplified one, I'd say the AS Airbus is quite a different from that one. In terms of visual quality, I'd say that it is close to PMDG - but an Airbus cockpit is simply a lot less "exciting" than a Boeing cockpit, so it might look a bit dull. Also, I'd say that in terms of systems modelling, Aerosoft is perhaps relatively close to iFly (definitely not PMDG!), although they're not quite there. But to be fair, they never claimed it to be a full system simulation - it was always meant to be a simulation of only the pilot's normal workload, and they did a great job with that IMO!
  4. That's quite expensive indeed, but if I'll ever find time to get back to flight simming, this looks really great! Having been flying mainly default-ish airplanes at the end of my flying carreer, this may really prove helpful for me, just to get back into the whole stuff, because after being inactive for more than half a year, and only very seldom in the year before that, I think I don't remember most of the commands anymore...
  5. Jeff, how did you insert the link to the pictures? I'm not sure if linking pictures from Facebook actually works, but if it works, I think it needs to be done this way: <Insert link here>[/link] Other than that, you could simply use some other online hosting service, like Dropbox, which works for sure. Best regards, Flo
  6. What Frank said. Plus they also have some older ones, like Florence and Venice, which both do not only include the airports themselves, but also cover extensive parts of the respective cities. Also don't forget the Naples scenery that you can find in the AVSIM Library. That one is very well done IMO, particularly for freeware. EDIT: For whatever reason it appears that Aerosoft does no longer sell Florence X.
  7. The C337 is one of my favorite addons, as Gregg said, it feels rigth (unlike some other Carenado planes), and one thing I enjoyed about it - apart from it being a relatively cool and unusual design for an airplane - is the simplicity of the systems while the model is still visually appealing. I have to admit, I do own some of the A2A planes, but I am most likely the worst person to judge them, because the only plane I have mastered is their J3. I have bought the C172, but it was released at a time where I did not really have time to spend on flight simming, but perhaps (hopefully!) the summer break will give me some time to get back into it. Anyway, from what I've read, and based on what they achieved in the simple Cub already, you won't be able to get any of that from the Carenado C337. But it's still a nice plane for a quick flight. Cheers, Flo
  8. I'm not completely sure, but IIRC the plane can't handle the switch from GPS to NAV mode all that well. Perhaps try to disable and re-enable VOR-LOC mode after switching from GPS to NAV, at least I think that's how I usually did it. Alternatively, you could try to enable the APP mode as soon as you switch from GPS to NAV, as Matthew (1251452) has pointed out before. That may not be the entirely correct procedure, but I think it could also solve the issue.
  9. In the top right corner you'll find a spopt labelled with your usernam (right abvoe the search bar). If you click on your username, a menu opens, where you can select - among others - "My Content". Another option would be going to your profile, and selecting "Topics" or "Posts" in the bar on the left (showing your laste few posts/threads you opened), or "Find Content" in the right corner of the profile page. This is the one affected by a certain limit, and I do not think that this will ever change, as Tom has explained earlier.
  10. But considered as pirated, since its creator have not asked for permission from the original authors!
  11. Why not use the "Repair" function?
  12. FSX SP2 is the up-to-date version (if one can call something that's 8 years old "up to date"). It's actually the "normal" FSX plus the Service Pack 2 installed, which is freely available from the AVSIM library. Deluxe is a variation of the standard FSX release, one of its main features is the introduction of the G1000 glass cockpit. Acceleration is an expansion pack that also installs SP2. It comes with new aircraft, new misions and some new key assignments. Also, IIRC it introduced the DX10 Previw (but that might as well have been SP2, I don't recall) And then there's also FSX Gold, which is basically FSX Deluxe plus the Acceleration expansion in one box.
  13. I obviously cannot tspeak for everyone, but my two cents: KPHL is a single airport in a not so heavy area, whereas KLGA is located close to both downtown New York, whcih is performance-hungry already, and also very clos to at least two other major airports, KJFK and KEWR, which may cause severe trouble when you have traffic enabled. Plus LGA isn't exactly a smal airport either. But you can still try the NY bundle demo (if that exists), that way you can check, how your system reacts to the even higher load of all the NY area airports, and you can base your decision on whether to buy or not to buy KLGA on that preformance. Best regards,
  14. I read this as "Remember that the QW 787 is still in development". Their Q3 2014 Status Update states: I honestly don't think the Facebook post is relevant, it sounds rather sarcastic to me, and even more so in the context of the above quote.
  15. I'm not sure on importing default FSX flight plans, as far as I am concerned I have always used the default fligth planer and entered the plans into the FMC manually with the A320/321, maybe that has been changed for the A318/319? But anyway, you will need to enter a flight plan some way or another, the FMC will not build it for you (although that would be a great option for lazy simmers like myself!). Since you say "full FMC automation is boring", you could build a VOR to VOR fligth plan, and try to hand-fly it. Not as hard as in most other planes to do that, as the FBW system is incredibly helpful: You don't have to trim or antything, the bird will just keep on following the side-stick inputs as long as you don't tell it to do something else. But still you have to be aware of your progress, as you migh miss important turns...
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