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This should have actually been in the FSX forum, but as it relates to the CPU/GPU i have put it here.





I wanted to check how or when does the CPU load go up or down and similar for the GPU. This has been done on my sig rig.


 My settings are all maxed out except water and special effects and no flare or bloom. air traffic = 0 as I use Vatsim and ground movement traffic is low and other traffic to 20-40%



My Northbridge is clocked to 2400 with 1.35 v and the 960t is sitting at 3.8 at 1.45v.


FSX.cfg tweaks


BP=0 (If I switch off this then my frames will drop to 10s)



FFTF = 0.33 (this one was from Kostas site and still need to try some lower numbers).


I am using the Unpark-CPU app to unpark all the cores which are only 4 as I have switched off core unlocking from the BIOS.


Addons Oscar's clouds (wonderful and free) , NL2000 , default aircraft 172 (still looking for a prop to start practice on before giong for the jets) .  I have kept my frame limit to unlimnited for this test.  Resolution is 1600x900 32.


CCC 13.11 Beta 9.2 (no issue a bit better performance)


CCC settings are all maxed out. except AA is to 4x and Supersampling is ON. Anisotropic filtering is 16x.


Using GPU -Z and core temp.


The moment I put the spot view the GPU load will go to 70-80%  and CPU will drop by 10-15 %.  and once back in the cockpit view GPU drops down to 25-28% but certain places the GPU load has reached 99%



My lowest fps is 15-17 and the max I have seen is 60-70 and the clouds do not cause a single issue now with the AMD Cards.


The 60-70 fps is when in spot view. Though it may go down to 25s for a few seconds but it is still smooth. But at airports it may stay above 22s.


Hope this helps people using AMD CPU and GPUs.  If they can check there system with the few things above. I don't take credit for any tweaks , it is all from avsim and bojote and Word Not Allowed.




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