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ETOPS checklist

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Good evening everyone, I have been goin off the hook lately with flying, mostly In the NGX but a few flights in the 77L, PFPX has taken my flying to a whole new level. Recently I did an ETOPS flight from KLAX to PHNL, great flight, only thing I had trouble with was some of the ETOPS planning. I used the PMDG 737-700 for the flight, did suffer some weight penalties but that is to be expected in a 737. My plane was configured for ETOPS 180, not sure if this is acceptable on a 737 but I did it anyway. Now I noticed on an Air Canada A319 video I have that they had an actual checklist that they were going over before there flight and before the ETOPS entry point, I was just wondering if anyone had happen to come across one. PFPX is great for giving you all the relevant information regarding your OFP, but there are also airline or aircraft specific procedures that must be followed, like cross checking your altimeter's hourly for example for RVSM airspace. Any insight would be appreciated.



Paul Dhanjal

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