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Jimmy RFR

P3Dv2 & FSDT CYVR ground flickering?

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So, with the great sales going on, I thought I'd give a trial run of FSDT's CYVR - seeing as how I think I have the horsepower to run it in P3D. But at a certain altitude I get ground flickers like crazy.  Nothing going on that should affect it - I even disabled the default CYVR just in case.  Heck, this sim hasn't been on my hard drive long enough to have acquired any other scenery that would affect this.


Looking at the manual, it recommends setting mesh resolution to 5m, and mesh complexity to 100... however in P3Dv2 there is no mesh complexity slider.


Does anyone have this installed and working in P3Dv2?  Any flashing ground textures above 1000 ft or so?

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