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NVIDIA And Flight Simulator

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I guess this is a good place to post my question. I didn't know if it would be better to post at Flight Simulator's Thread or here. But anyway, here's my question. I have the Nvidia G Force 520 graphics card. In Flight Simulator 2004, I checked the box that says, Extended Terrain Textures, but it's not extending the details of the tarrain and looks exactly the same. In the Nvidia Control Panel, it's set to the default and the option is Let the 3D Application Decide. With this setting, I assume this means that the settings in the graphics card has no affect and it will allow the simulator to decide on the graphics. Am I not correct? But when I make this change in flight simulator, there's no improvement in the detail of the tarrain. If I use the Nvidia Control Panel and set the Anisotropic Filtering to 16, I see great detail. Now, it's set to Application Control. But I noticed that below that, it says OFF. So, when it says Application Control, does this mean that the application is the flight simulation or the Nvidia graphics card? And does this have to be set to OFF before the simulator will extent the detail? In other words, is the Nvidia graphics card over riding the settings in flight simulator when this is set to Application Control?





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