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Adding taxiway to converted Scenery

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I have had the very well made KBOSv10 scenery from the x-plane scenery d/l site. It was last updated in 2012. Since then KBOS has changed it's taxiways. I am starting with trying to add taxyway M which runs almost the full length of the airport. When opening the scenery in WED I find all of the runways/taxiways are under the earthnav data area. I created the new taxiway but only the edge blue lights show and not the textured taxiway when I hide the earth nav data the taxiway shows. When I open it in Overlay I see a path where the taxiway is but no texture. Can anyone help?


Pic #1 - Shows the taxiway in Overlay Editor


Pic #2 - Shows the taxiway with earthnav shown in WED


Pic #3 - Shows the Taxi way with the texture in WED with Earth nav not shown.



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