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  1. Ok so with most payware that come with sounds Soundmaxx will not really do anything for me? I usually just fly the Flight Factor 757 and 777 along with X737 and JAR A320. I thought when I was outside the plane I should hear noises from the airport? I just hear birds. And do I need to do anything to use the upgraded sounds? Kind of a bummer. I don't mind supporting your products, but I thought I would get more use of it. I will wit to hear some thunder I guess. Dave
  2. So a few questions. I bought Soundmaxx yesterday. I hear the birds chirping outside of the plane at an international airport. But I never hear anything inside of my 777 or 738. Nor any other new sounds at anypoint of a flight. Its installed in my plugins folder, shows up in my plugins in Xplane. Volumes are all up. Whats wrong? Also what are the sounds in the upgraded folder for? Dave
  3. I do not know how to use WED nor am I looking to learn. This is why I pay for scenery. But if this is the issue with Payware then I will remain with Freeware. Where many authors do update their scenery as needed. I willl take the hit in visual effect ffor correct airport layouts.
  4. I understand your point of how long to continue to support the scenery. I am not looking for updates to objects or terminals, rather update the .apt for new taxiways and runways as is the case in KORD. If need be for that type of upgrade ask for a minimal $5 charge maybe if the user wanted it? I don't fly there as much anymore since I don't have the updated scenery. I am not sure what is fair between the buyer and seller. But I would like an updated scenery to fly into and am willing to meet in the middle. Dave
  5. Yes I would definitely continue to buy Payware Scenery as long as the author continues to update the scenery if taxiways or runways are added or changed. Example, Butnaru's KORD from the.org store still to this day has not been updated for taxiways and runways additions. I have emailed him and the store with no response. As a PAYING customer, I believe we deserve to have the scenery updated when major changes are made. I
  6. I have had the very well made KBOSv10 scenery from the x-plane scenery d/l site. It was last updated in 2012. Since then KBOS has changed it's taxiways. I am starting with trying to add taxyway M which runs almost the full length of the airport. When opening the scenery in WED I find all of the runways/taxiways are under the earthnav data area. I created the new taxiway but only the edge blue lights show and not the textured taxiway when I hide the earth nav data the taxiway shows. When I open it in Overlay I see a path where the taxiway is but no texture. Can anyone help? Pic #1 - Shows the taxiway in Overlay Editor Pic #2 - Shows the taxiway with earthnav shown in WED Pic #3 - Shows the Taxi way with the texture in WED with Earth nav not shown. Dave
  7. atomicfrawg , With the pics above, can you show your SKYMAXX PRO settings also, When flying at higher altitudes as I am now, does it just look like a flat cloud below you and with holes? I am flying above this storm we are having in the east and the radar on my 772 shows heavy rain below us, but the sky is a flat cloud with holes in the clouds all around us. Any help with settings would be great. I also use NOAA WEATHER and have it already set at 6000 for the transition. Thank you Dave
  8. I have also noticed on my first night flight with scatterred clouds, all of the ground lights from cars and streeet lights at FL350 are not visible and stars are barely visible. So basically it's like flying in a black hole.
  9. Not sure if this is a SKYMAXX PRO, X-Plane 10.25 or Xsquawkbox problem. I know it never happened before installing Skymaxx, but whenever xsquawkbox updates the weather, the sim pauses for up to 10 seconds then continues after updating. Anyone have any reason why this may be happening? Dave
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