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Angelo Cosma

Weird Graphics Problem Black Screen

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Hey guys, running FSX Win 7 64 bit fully updated with FSX Accelerated SP2, homebuilt machine.


Intel 3770K, ASUS P8Z77-V Board, Corsair 8GB, EVGA 670GTX, running to a triple head 2 go at 1280X1024 (X3).


This is a reformat to SSD and new CPU and never had this problem before but it is happening frequently now.


I run in VC 24/7 with no cockpiy visible as this is solely for outside view only.


When changing positions, or different airports, or sometimes changing the time of day, FSX turns all black and only the AutoGen is visible. In other instances the whole visual is black, just a black screen, I can hear the sounds and also if I press ESC the menu shows up but the sim will not display normally. Sometimes I can get it back by reloading a second time, or changing the time a 3rd time. However most of the time this is unrecoverable and I have to reboot the sim.


I am using Nvidia Inspector with PMDG rec'd settings 4X version.


Any ideas guys I am at a loss as to why this is happening and how to fix it.


Yes, HIGHMEMFIX=1 is in.


Thanks for the help guys.



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