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Aerosim 787 Ground scenery

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Hey all,

Is it me or are others out there who are using Aerosim's 787 product finding the ground equipment behaving odd.

So with all engines off and APU running, I attempt to press shift E then keys 2, 3, 4 to open selected doors but only see Front Left Hand Door (L1 )open and close each time 

I attempt to hold down Shift, E then wait for 2 seconds before pressing 2,3,4, still nothing.


I then think, start the engines up whilst sitting at the gate and then magic, Cargo Doors open, Catering Trucks and doors open, they appear and disappear with the press of the selected keys.

Strange, unrealistic to have this occurring whilst the engines are running at the Gate.

Another thing, Engines go off when arriving at the gate, ground scenery appears all good. Then its time to prepare for departure, I press shift, E then 2,3,4 and only see Front L1 door opening.

Conclusion - Engines have to be on for ground scenery and doors to open and close, ground scenery to appear and disappear.

Very very odd!!!!


I prefer GSX but cant imagine what's involved in deleting the default ground scenery in favour of GSX.


Strange the way this has been setup by the programmers from Aerosim, the other issue is the Throttle. You almost have to apply 1/2 throttle to get the thing going with half fuel on board. Full Fuel, then that's a different story, the throttles are advanced all the way to get the thing to move.


If anyone can offer a solution to these issues I have with the product, let us know 

Much appreciated.




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