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Anyone run P3Dv2 with specs similar to mine?

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I was wondering if anyone has tried P3Dv2 on a laptop with specs similar to mine.  I know with their return policy, I can try it for "free", but I'd like to at least know ahead of time if it's worth my time or not.

HP Pavillion Dv6t Quad Edition, Win7 (64), i7 2.0ghz (2.9ghz w/ Turbo Boost), 1GB Radeon HD6770M, 6GB RAM

For reference I get steady 30 fps (limited externally) in FSX right now at ORBX KHQM in the stock C172 with autogen and scenery complexity set to "Very Dense", REX and "Fair Weather," water 2x low, and all traffic on but set pretty low.  The A2A C172 with drop the FPS down to about 25 fps.  Ideally, I'd like to have same visual quality I have now (even if the settings are technically labeled "Normal" or "Dense") but with some cockpit shadows and maybe the volumetric fog.  If it's lower FPS (20?), but smooth, I'm OK with that.

Just curious if I'm even in the ballpark before I "loan" LM money and put the time and effort into downloading and installing.


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