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Airbus Extended Wing X (coming soon)

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Wing X will convert the Airbus Extended into and Airbus X=Wing Fighter allowing you to hopefully BLOW UP a Death Star after

flying along a narrow trench!


Unfortunately you will have to disconnect the autopilot before dropping the bomb into the hole the size of a womp rat.

Also, Unfortunately we know how good Airbus Pilots are once the AP is disconnected! SO USE the FORCE!!!! And don't worry,

the Falcons got your back!


Ok, sorry for that : (




Just thought everyone would be interested to learn about the WingView X enhancements for the bus V116.0 that is currently in production. (Not ready yet, unfortunately.


This will give you the feeling of being a passenger in the Airbus while you listen to babys cry (that would be me), people talk, regular cabin noises.

Similiar to how people create realistic videos of FSX, but it will be incorporated into Airbus X.


Personally, I just find this amazing. It is hard to believe someone didn't think about this before. I don't know if I am going to want to pilot the Airbus, or just relax and watch the flight from the window seat.


For the whole $31 I paid at the Flight Sim Store, I just still can not believe how much Aerosoft has given for the money.

They really are top notch!



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