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  1. Simply outstanding!!! You guys are doing an great job, and have produced an excellent product!!! I applaud you on the customer support. Thank you for the product you have given us!! B.
  2. Great! Thanks for letting me know. B.
  3. Hello, Is this in FSX or P3d? My concern with buying the pc12 was the lack of support for GTN750, but this may push me over the edge!! Thanks, B.
  4. Third vote for this! That would be pretty amazing....
  5. Hmmmmm, So could you provide an option to remove the GPS too? That way we could go back to the old days of navigation from time to time! Personally, I find nothing wrong with using the RXP gauges. I understand not getting hung up on them. But they bring a lot to the table and add a lot to creating a realistic simulation ! Price wise I don't think purchase of the Duke and or a RXP530 (that can be used in other craft) is unheard of. I have decided not to purchase any GA aircraft that does not support RXP. Luckily RealAir has followed suite. B. P.S. I would agree that the RealAir flight instruments are very smooth and easy to read!
  6. Yeah! U ain't from around here are U? U and your fancy flying machine.
  7. Thanks for the compliment, saw from your blog you have some nice Astrophotos also! Love Clear Left too! Suprised the FSX Milkyway is so disliked, oh well... Guess we need an FSX Milkyway Addon!! Please, someone develope this!! B.
  8. As an Amateur Astronomer and Astrophotographer, I am sad at your attempt to remove the Milkyway from FSX! It’s bad enough that light pollution is destroying the real view of it, now you don't even want a simulated view?? What the ? Here is a shot of a portion of it I took years ago: http://www.wanthonyphotography.com/viewer.cfm?fid=31&folder=gallery Ok, Maybe you just don't like the FSX version.. but in all honesty, I think it is pretty good. Maybe a little to bright over cities, but probably realistic from darker rural areas. Now if Aerosoft could make a MilkyWay and Planetarium add-on for FSX, I would be all in!!! B.
  9. Dave, I don't know if I want to be in a plane with a pilot who says, "Ok, let's see what she will do". What? Shouldn't you know what she will do already? B.
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